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    Amid Anti-globalist Outcry, New Push to Grant UN Tax Powers

    Monday, 21 November 2016

    Amid Anti-globalist Outcry, New Push to Grant UN Tax Powers

    Even as voters worldwide defy the establishment and firmly reject globalism in democratic elections, seemingly tone-deaf globalists are demanding the surrender of vast new powers over taxation and national policy to the United Nations. If the UN is allowed to usurp the draconian powers demanded, freedom, privacy, and prosperity would become history.

    Among other schemes, UN bureaucrats and establishment voices are calling for an international war on national governments that do not adopt pro-tax and anti-privacy policies demanded by globalists. A UN “expert” even claimed that tax competition among different jurisdictions — a key check on government abuses
    — was something that needed to be stopped by a newly empowered UN.

    The United States, in particular, could be in the UN's crosshairs, along with other liberty-minded nations worldwide labeled by the UN as “tax havens” for not extracting as much wealth from productive citizens as the UN's tax-funded legions demand. Following the largely globalist-manufactured “Panama Papers” pseudo-scandal, the UN is at it again.

    The latest demands come after years of globalist scheming to impose UN taxes directly on humanity, too. That would allow the dictators club to raise money independently, bypassing national governments. But as the public mood sours on globalism — as evidenced by Donald Trump's victory, Brexit, and survey results from across European polls showing anti-globalist fervor rising — the globalist agenda may face some serious setbacks in the years ahead.

    The most recent globalist demand for greater UN powers over taxation came from UN “human rights expert” Alfred de Zayas (shown above), a Cuban-born “international lawyer,” who demanded “an international Tax Body to fight tax evasion and corruption, phase-out tax havens, stop competition among tax jurisdictions and abolish secrecy.” Translated into plain English, Zayas called for a new globalist UN bureaucracy with draconian law-enforcement powers, a full-blown assault on self-government and democratic principles, a UN effort to harmonize and rig taxation policy worldwide in favor of oppressive Big Government, and a total end to privacy. The policies would undoubtedly produce a collapse in prosperity, in addition to crushing liberty and self-government.

    Despite the use of Orwellian double-speak aimed at concealing the totalitarian nature of the demands, Zayas was blunt in his demands, treating the UN as if it already were (in the words of the UN's outgoing secretary-general) the “Parliament of Humanity.” “The United Nations must no longer tolerate the scandal of secrecy jurisdictions that facilitate tax evasion, corruption and money-laundering,” complained the UN “Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order,” appointed by the dictator-dominated UN Human Rights Council, in a presentation to the dictator-dominated UN General Assembly about his report on the subject.

    “Concerted action must be taken to counter criminal abuses by individuals, speculators, hedge funds and transnational enterprises who skirt taxes and loot governments,” Zayas claimed. “Corruption, bribery, tax fraud and tax evasion have such grave effects on human welfare that they must be exposed, prosecuted and punished nationally and internationally.”

    In other words, bloated and increasingly despotic governments and international organizations need to fleece humanity to get more money from the productive sector. And so, the UN should demonize lawful strategies for reducing tax liabilities as if they were crimes, then grant itself awesome new powers to deal with the non-crimes and the non-criminals who perpetrate them. For any clear-thinking person, the totalitarian implications of the proposed power-grab should be obvious.

    The radical globalist bureaucrat repeatedly conflated legal and desirable tax avoidance — which every sensible person and company does, and which is immensely beneficial to humanity by keeping capital in the productive sector — with criminal tax evasion, which is a crime. The self-styled UN “expert” claimed, for example, that “every year governments lose three trillion dollars through various schemes of tax avoidance and evasion, and hitherto most perpetrators have enjoyed impunity.” Impunity for doing something both legal and desirable? Only in UN- and totalitarian-speak do the rantings and ravings even make sense.

    Zayas also cited alleged “estimates” that “as much as thirty-two trillion dollars are held offshore in secrecy jurisdictions, escaping just taxation.” “It is high time for the General Assembly to establish an inter-governmental tax body with a mandate to draft standards and ensure enforcement of measures against perpetrators,” he exclaimed, again equating law-abiding citizens with criminals and calling for what amounts to global government. The ultra-far-left bureaucrat also claimed that “the UN provides the most effective way to achieve an equitable global tax system, increase domestic resource mobilization and reduce intra-State and inter-State inequality.”

    Echoing the extremist rhetoric of UN Agenda 2030, a road-map to global totalitarianism that stands zero chance of U.S. Senate ratification but is expected to cost more than $170 trillion, Zayas openly called for not just national socialism, but international socialism. In the last hundred years, of course, national and international socialism combined have resulted in the deaths of well over 100 million people, on the extremely conservative end of the spectrum, without including the wars started by national and international socialist regimes.

    In short, the “independent” UN bureaucrat, like many other mid- to low-level globalists, is openly promoting deadly, extreme, and violent ideologies that threaten taxpayers and citizens everywhere, all with taxpayer funding on a taxpayer-funded platform. The reason he can get away with promoting violent extremism is simple, when considering that he was appointed to his post by the discredited UN “Human Rights Council.”

    The UN body is made up of mostly (53 percent) unfree regimes, including such paragons of “human rights” as the murderous dictatorships enslaving Communist China, Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Burundi, and more. The previous UN human rights body had to be shut down when the Gadhafi regime from Libya was selected to lead it. But the situation today is even worse, experts say. Consider that the UN “human rights” chief, a prince from an Islamic dictatorship, was caught trying to cover-up the systematic sexual abuse and rape of African children by international “peacekeeping” troops, and then conspired to destroy the whistleblower who tried to protect the children.

    Other UN “special rapporteurs” and “experts” appointed by the UN's dictator-dominated “human rights” outfit have demanded gun control worldwide, nationalization of the police in the United States, higher taxes in Canada, less stay at home moms in Switzerland, criminalization of free speech in Japan, and other such autocratic nonsense — all under the guise of “human rights, and all while praising the world's most demented and savage mass-murderers for their stellar “human rights” records. A Marxist UN “special rapporteur” who demanded more Big Government welfare schemes in the United Kingdom, Raquel Rolnik, eventually became the subject of international ridicule after the British press exposed that she “offered an animal sacrifice to Karl Marx.”

    Unsurprisingly, the extremist global tax demands by the UN “expert” for the next UN boss to implement in global outfit's jihad on freedom, privacy, self-government, and national sovereignty coincide perfectly with the goals of the Socialist International. The dangerous and powerful totalitarian alliance of Marxist, communist, and socialist political parties worldwide has made the exact same demands, publicly, for many years. And the global socialist alliance was actually led by the globalist-socialist incoming UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres until 2005.

    To understand the Socialist International, consider that its 2012 Congress was hosted by a Communist Party-dominated African political party under fire by the world's top experts at that very moment for preparing a genocide against a vulnerable minority group. In fact, the head of the party and regime that hosted the Socialist International Congress had, earlier that same year, appeared on national television in front of the military to sing songs promoting the violent extermination of the embattled minority group, which had already been facing organized slaughter and terror for years prior.

    Even while pushing for a global taxation regime, the UN is also at the forefront of the effort to abolish cash in favor of a "cashless society" — a dangerous scheme that would end privacy by allowing governments to track and monitor every single transaction. At the same time, the UN's many tentacles, more than a few of which are led by agents of the mass-murdering Communist Chinese dictatorship, are pushing proposals for direct global taxation and even a global fiat currency.

    Rather than fight back against every new totalitarian scheme dreamed up by the UN and the globalist establishment behind it, Americans should push for a complete U.S. government withdrawal from the UN — an Amexit. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act would do exactly that. With Trump declaring on the campaign trail that the UN was not a friend to the United States or to freedom, and with the UN making more ludicrous and autocratic demands by the day, the time has never been better for Americans to demand a permanent end to U.S. participation in the dictators club.

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    We need to withdraw from the UN until it is reorganized with a new appropriate agenda or confined to war prevention.
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