Sent to ALIPAC from our allies at IFIRE

STOP the Amnesty Bill! Stop the betrayal of America!
Who speaks for the American family and the American worker?
You do! (Our Senators sure don't!)

WHEN: Thursday, June 28, 2007 (TOMORROW!) @ 9:00 a.m. (Eastern)
WHERE: Senator Bayh and Lugar's offices, 10 W. Market St., Indianapolis, IN
WHY: To speak on behalf of the American family and the American worker
against the Amnesty Bill (S.1639)

Senator Bayh's vote yesterday is a hopeful sign that he is beginning to hear us. We
have to make sure he follows through with a "NO" vote on Thursday's cloture vote as
well as a "NO" vote on the fatally flawed Amnesty Bill (S.1639), which could happen
Senator Lugar's "YES" vote is causing many Republicans to leave the party in
disgust and join the Independents.

No doubt you've heard Senators drone on and on about how this bill is good for the
families of illegal aliens and how it will help big business. Have you heard one
way it will benefit you? We don't need to pass any new laws whatsoever in order to
secure the borders or enforce current immigration laws. Our security and prosperity
are being held hostage by the Senators who want to give amnesty to illegals.

We will do a sidewalk demonstration & visit the Senator's offices to show them the
faces of the American children, soldiers, veterans, students and workers they forgot
to consider.

The Amnesty bill was written behind closed doors without:
...the normal senate committee process
...any hearings or expert testimony
...the normal senate amendment process
The Amnesty bill was rushed to a vote before:
...the legislation had even been written or read by the senators
(S. 1639 was substituted for S. 1348 which was substituted for last year's bill, S.
...all the amendments had been written or read (some are over 300 pages long!)
... the American public could find out what's actually in the bill
The Amnesty bill was written in secret with substantial input from:
...Commerce Secretary Gutierrez and Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff.
...foreign interests including LaRaza
...big business

Were you represented at the negotiating table? Who spoke for the American family
and the American worker? Nobody. This is why we want you with us tomorrow. Please
reply to this email to let me know you'll be there.

Keep calling and faxing Congress toll free at 202-220-0044!!!