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Thread: Anti-DACA ‘Deplorables’ Make Laughing Stock of Jimmy Kimmel

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    Anti-DACA ‘Deplorables’ Make Laughing Stock of Jimmy Kimmel

    Anti-DACA ‘Deplorables’ Make Laughing Stock of Jimmy Kimmel

    February 12, 2018
    Judi McLeod

    It was never supposed to happen.

    Nor will the mainstream media ever let it go viral: The day that Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Arthur Schaper and California conservative friends Robin Hvidston, Channell Temple, Wes Parker, Lori Masinas and Celeste Grieg left comedian Jimmy Kimmel waving his baby rattle in a rage on his own television set.

    When things don’t go off the way Jimmy Kimmel, Schaper-described as “the late-night talk show host with a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome”, planned, Kimmel’s image is that of a wailing baby tyrant in diapers calling for someone to come stick a soother in his mouth.

    ABC sent the sucker bait out when Kimmel wanted to host a segment with voters who oppose DACA, having already decided that “deplorables” who support Trump would best fit the bill.

    Enter Schaper and friends, who laughably actually passed through security screenings on recording day.
    “Suckers in”, “show ready to roll” was Kimmel’s natural assumption.

    Hotshot that he is and quick on vicious insults passed off as jokes, you’d think that Kimmel would have cottoned on when the first thing that Schaper did was to hold his ‘Make California Great Again’ hat over a hallway photo depicting ‘Jimmy the Great’ shaking President Barack Obama’s hand at a state dinner.

    Chafing at the bit to show Schaper and friends as the redneck racist rascals that are so prevalent among the anti-DACA crowd, Kimmel seemed to miss it.

    Not wanting to tell an entire story that Arthur Schaper tells better, readers will see the common sense of deplorables on display (“If DACA Esmeralda would only marry her fiancé, the father of their baby, she would settle her legal status”), with the highlight of the interview coming when Kimmel “completely lost it” ” by shouting“ Shut up, you a—hole!” at Schaper, there are lots of laughs in between.

    In fairness to ABC, though they didn’t air the entire comedy, Kimmel’s DACA segment was night-time broadcast on the same day of the recording.

    “They presented us accurately as respectful and clear-headed. Kimmel’s one joke directed at me: “I’m trying to imagine you as a child,” fell flat, much like his “bombshell” guest, porn star Stormy Daniels, who had announced prior to her appearance that she did nothing with Trump,” Schaper wrote in his column.

    He ends with a wish never likely to see reality: “At this point, I hope that Kimmel and his production team will show some guts and release the entire video of our forum with Esmeralda, Michael, and their child!”

    Congratulations Schaper and Deplorables for giving us a LOL, louder and funnier than anything Baby Kimmel could ever come up with.

    Read Schaper’s Column here: MAGA vs. DACA: How Trump Supporters Trumped Jimmy Kimmel on Late Night TV

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