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    Arizona’s immigration law points way for rest of nation

    Published May 23 2010
    Arizona’s immigration law points way for rest of nation
    By: Kenneth R. Emmel, Wahpeton

    I commend Arizona for getting serious about the illegal alien crisis affecting our entire country. I hope more states will follow Arizona’s example.

    There’s something wrong with the disgusting politicians in Washington who have brought this suicidal immigration disaster upon us, and who at the same time refuse to enforce our immigration laws. If our federal government won’t enforce our laws, someone else will. We’re rapidly becoming a Third World cesspool more like Mexico and Africa every day.

    The old, worn-out canard claiming illegal aliens and other Third Worlders are here doing work Americans refuse to do is strictly hogwash. Americans have always been willing to do the work that needs to be done, and Americans also expect to be paid a living wage for hard work. Greedy, unscrupulous employers would rather pay some Third World immigrant low wages, often under the table, than pay an American honest wages upfront.

    Besides helping to keep wages low, the massive waves of Third World immigrants keep crime rates high as we see happening daily. When people steal their way into our country, they’re just not conducive to obeying any of our other laws either. It’s long overdue for authorities to round up illegal aliens who are a major burden on our society, including our health and welfare programs. Employers who hire illegals ought to be punished severely as well.

    Americans need to vote out of office virtually all of our politicians in Washington and elect only leaders who will correct the immigration disaster plaguing our country. This immigration crisis is every bit as serious as the financial meltdown and the blundering foreign policy continuing on and on. Our treasonous, criminal leaders are using our military to protect the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet they refuse to protect our own southern border here at home.

    We’re hurting for honest leaders who will straighten out and take care of what’s left of our own country. Our dishonest politicians are not representing the American people.

    Emmel lives in Wahpeton, N.D. ... p/Opinion/
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    Exactly. Great article, Emmel. Thank you!
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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    its a shame that its already federal law.
    and its funny watching all these people protest and dont know this

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