If you're a Ron Paul supporter in Northern VA, and a registered voter at the same time, have you signed the petition to put Ron Paul on the ballot in VA? Every presidential candidate in VA, even the most famous ones, needs 10,000 signatures from VA Registered Voters to get on the ballot.

You can sign a petition one time for each presidential candidate. For example, a Fred Thompson supporter signed my petition for Ron Paul to get on the ballot, and I signed his to get Fred Thompson on the ballot. I also received signatures from three Obama supporters, and I signed one of their petitions for Obama.

It's good to sign because every candidate deserves a chance to be on the ballot (America is about competition and bringing out the best in people). So, if you haven't signed a petition, and you're a registered VA voter, please pm me. Please know that by signing a petition, you aren't endorsing that candidate; just trying to get them on the ballot.

The good news is that, unofficially, Ron Paul has more than 10,000 signatures now, but we need to collect more, because sometimes signatures get thrown out (a person signs but it's not readable, or the person signing isn't really a registered voter in VA, etc).