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    Australia Net News: Australia to review Indonesian smuggling cases

    Australia to review Indonesian smuggling cases
    Last Updated: 22 hours 51 minutes ago

    The Australian Government has announced it will review the cases of 24 Indonesian people smugglers who were convicted as adults but who may be children.

    Australia's Human Rights Commission has criticised the way the government determines the age of people smugglers, saying the wrist X-ray technology used is discredited and large numbers of children could be languishing in adult jails.

    "If in fact any of them is a child then they should be immediately released from the adult detention and sent home as would accord with Commonwealth prosecution policy," the group's president, Catherine Branson, said.

    Radiologists and doctors have also criticised the technology.

    Attorney General Nicola Roxon said her Department would review 24 cases; 22 raised by the Commission, and another two identified by Indonesia.

    "We're going to act quickly as soon as we've got that material," Ms Roxon told a local television station. "And I'm hoping it's going to be days and weeks, not months, but we really have to let the agencies and authorities do their work now."

    She said the smugglers could be released if the review casts doubt on their age.

    But she said the review was not designed to pardon them.

    She also said the government did not depend on wrist X-rays when determining age.

    source: Australia Network News:Stories:Australia to review Indonesian smuggling cases
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    Australia is a distant and remote island nation. Aussies would be having much more than hissies if their country directly shared a 1,969 mile long border with Mexico.
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