Benevolent Totalitarianism

May 6, 2013 by Bob Livingston


Benevolent totalitarianism is the concept of government control by and through deception.

As we know, very corrupt government can have the appearance of normalcy and even benevolence. This is a deception to cover political and economic corruption even on a grand scale as in the United States today.

Benevolent totalitarianism as in the U.S. today can prolong repression way beyond its normal existence. It extends the life of a criminal regime and enriches the elite who might otherwise be prosecuted and sent to prison. When the ruling class or junta owns all the machinery of state including the banking/monetary system and welfare (food stamp) distribution, they can very easily arrange society so that most citizens feel warm and protected.

Fraudulent political systems and even the whole world thrive on the corrupt paper money fiat debt system. A fiat monetary system by its real name is the foundation of government fraud. The people of the world are at the mercy of organized crime led by the fountain of fiat.

The United States now is in a state of collapse. The quicker more people are alerted to the revelation of truth that government is organized crime, the quicker the return to personal and political freedom as we had before the beginning of the Federal Reserve System in the United States and the worldwide fiat central banking system that sprang from the Federal Reserve.

Corrupt political and monetary fiat systems always self-destruct as they always spend out of control. Trust in government and its monetary system begins to give way as the facade of benevolence and democracy morphs into force, intimidation and confrontation.

The process is gradual except when the elite miscalculates and does things such as assess private bank accounts to pay for the corruption of the debt money system as happened in March 2013 on the island of Cyprus. This event quickly triggered opposition and was as quickly reversed.

It is evidence of how quickly the monetary system could explode and inflame the world against the bankers and government fraud. The increase of overt repression and intimidation will alert more and more people to the crime of government. This social cataclysm can be observed, measured and charted and the end predicted.

History observes that the degree of currency collapse corresponds to reveal the end of the present regime. The collapse of any national currency because of the profligacy of government and its politicians brings a breakdown of the social and economic order. At the same time, there is a breakdown of morality and of law and order.

Revolutions are rarely contained and never reversed, but they hasten the collapse of the social, economic and political order. Politicians almost to a man support the system. Since most politicians at the Federal level are psychopathic and attracted to a parasite existence, few of them are aware that they live in the end times for the present order. They wouldnít and couldnít believe that their way of life will soon end.

Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister during World War II said: ďIt is the absolute right of the State to supervise the formation of public opinion; truth is the greatest enemy of the State.Ē

Governments are non-producing parasites, but they must hide this fact from the people. Government does not produce anything, but it consumes vast resources and wealth. Governments tax the people directly but also collect from the people by stealth and outright fraud.

Presently, the U.S. government is carrying out the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Few Americans even suspect it. It is stealing by devaluing the U.S. dollar. New dollars are constantly created, and these new dollars dilute all the dollars in existence. This is economic war carried out in secrecy and pretense.

Where Is Your Money?

The people on the island of Cyprus found out that the banks own their accounts and that the banks could extract money to pay for the bankís deficit. This is not a novel. Itís the real world! It is theft by the banks, and the implications are very serious.

If I had much money in a regular commercial bank, I would take most of it out now!

Of course, I did this a long time ago. I also terminated my ďretirementĒ accounts and bought silver and gold coins to have in my possession, and I do mean in my physical possession. It has proven to be profitable. But the thing is, I own it, whereas I didnít own the retirement accounts. The government owns retirement accounts, as millions are about to discover.

In fact, if you have paper money in your pocket, you donít own it. The system can steal your paper money even if nobody knows where it is. You didnít know that? All they have to do is print or create new paper money and, Bang!, yours is worthless. This is the most clever form of stealing ever devised.

And you know what, nobody seems to object. They have taught us to love Big Brother. We love our masters, and we love our paper money!

Ninety-nine percent of Americans have their focus on nominal dollars. Nominal dollars are fickle quicksand. Yet we believe that the paper money in our possession is real dollars. This paper money is owned by the system. Your silver and gold is owned by you, outside the system. Itís the real money.
We are in the last days of a failing system. Government is hunting wealth to take. They have shown conclusive evidence that they want the some $23 trillion in Americansí retirement funds.

And now with bank confiscation of bank accounts in Cyprus, alert Americans have been duly warned.
Protect yourself with gold and silver and stored food and supplies needed for survival.

We have very hard times ahead; but after the cataclysm, there will be a new order!

Many people are also investing in Swiss annuities as a vehicle to get some of their money out of the United States before draconian exchange controls are implemented. Under exchange controls, money can come into the U.S. but cannot go out.