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    Betrayal: President Trunp Backs Down on Veto, Signs Paul Ryan's Disastrous $1.3 Trill

    BETRAYAL: President Trump Backs Down On Veto, Signs Paul Ryan’s Disastrous $1.3-Trillion Omnibus

    March 23, 2018

    Lucian Wintrich

    Despite President Trump’s earlier veto threat, he has agreed to sign Paul Ryan’s $1.3-trillion omnibus spending bill that just passed by Congress this morning. The massive spending bill is the largest in US history next to Barack Obama’s failed stimulus with full funding for Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary Cities, Obamacare, and yet less than .1% on the border security barriers and no wall.

    Previously, TGP reported, conservative Mark Meadows and the Freedom Caucus voted against the outrageous Republican Omnibus.

    During a tumultuous press conference, President Trump admitted “nobody read” the 2,300-page bill, and stated that he “wasn’t happy” about signing it, he still is moving forward on the grounds that “we need to take care of our military.”

    But rest assured, President Trump said that if another $1.3-Trillion misuse of taxpayer money that “nobody read” comes across his desk for a signature, he “won’t do it again.”

    Despite this “reassurance”, Ann Coulter on Twitter was not having it:

    “ I will never sign another bill like this again”
    Yeah, because you’ll be impeached.
    — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) March 23, 2018
    This would be like Reagan signing a bill that hiked taxes, slashed defense spending — but spent gobs of $$ on the Teapot Dome scandal.
    — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) March 23, 2018
    GOOD GOD! Will @realDonaldTrump talk about ANYTHING but defense spending???? Per Obama: The 1980s called & they want their foreign policy back.
    — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) March 23, 2018

    Other supporters were equally disappointed:

    well you signed that ignorant spending bill and let down all the people who voted for you. You promised to drain the swamp but this only adds to it. No support in November 2020!
    — David Williams (@DavidWi94867995) March 23, 2018
    @realDonaldTrump extremely disappointed you signed this massive spending bill. You were our last line of defense protecting us from what the house and senate did. ��
    — Kathy (@SlideMagic) March 23, 2018
    So disappointed in President Trump today. It feels like MAGA was a fairytale! Omnibus is a horrible bill, & it sets up November for the DNC
    — Kim Allen (@KimAllen69) March 23, 2018
    Really disappointed @realDonaldTrump sign a #omnibus since it break about every promise Mr. Trump said he would fight for!
    — Matt W Ruff (@mattwruff) March 23, 2018
    Still in SHOCK over the signing of the omnibus bill. WTF??? I feel like all of the Hillary supporters after she lost her rigged election, ok , maybe not THAT insane. Worst. Move. Ever.
    — T. K. Villarreal (@tanyakv) March 23, 2018
    Proving my instincts are always right, Trump has shown he hasn't the balls to "drain the swamp" signing this stupid omnibus bill. Just route that hose you're draining with back to the swamp. Dumbass.
    — Tackleberry (@Tack16 March 23, 2018
    By the way, guess what else the omnibus bill allocates funding for: Planned Parenthood. A cool half-a-billion to the country's largest abortion provider. While the GOP controls both chambers of Congress and the presidency.
    — Alexandra DeSanctis (@xan_desanctis) March 23, 2018
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