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    Bloomberg to fact-check debate on-screen

    September 26, 2016, 11:39 am

    Bloomberg TV will conduct ‘onscreen fact checks’ in real time during tonight’s presidential debate

    During tonight’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Bloomberg TV will conduct real time “onscreen fact checks” of statements made by the candidates.

    Bloomberg will be the only TV network to display on-screen fact-checks of statements made by Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate Monday, Politico reports.

    According to Politico, none of the major networks has publicly committed to on-screen fact-checking during the debate and will leave that to post-debate analysis. The Clinton campaign has called for the media to aggressively fact-check Trump.

    “We’re really focused on this opportunity that Hillary has to speak directly to the voters on the issues. But we are concerned that Donald Trump may lie; he may throw misinformation out there; and that Hillary will have to spend all of her time trying to correct the record rather than talking about the things she wants to accomplish," Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Monday on "CBS This Morning."

    "All that we're asking if that the record be checked. So if Donald Trump lies, which he has repeatedly done in the past, that that be simply checked."

    NBC's Matt Lauer was criticized for not correcting several of Trump's statements during a presidential forum earlier this month.

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    They're fact-checking Trump? Trump is always right, he never lies. They need to be fact-checking Hillary, you know, who is a professional liar, lied about Benghazi, people died, lied about her email, risking national security, lied about TPP, saying it sets the Gold Standard, lying about everything.
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