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Thread: BOMBSHELL: Obama-Backed Company Hired 'Hundreds' of Illegals with Stimulus Money

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    BOMBSHELL: Obama-Backed Company Hired 'Hundreds' of Illegals with Stimulus Money

    Mad World News

    BOMBSHELL: Obama-Backed Company Hired ‘Hundreds’ of Illegals

    Meanwhile, Americans can't find jobs.

    BOMBSHELL: Obama-Backed Company Hired ‘Hundreds’ of Illegals with Stimulus Money

    in News, Opinion, Politics / by Sean Brown / on August 1, 2014 at 3:52 pm /

    Obama’s green energy initiative has so far been a massive waste of time and money. Billions have been invested into wind and solar through the “stimulus” that was passed, only to have these companies fail and any jobs that were created as a result lost. In another black eye to his Energy Department, a bombshell report has emerged detailing repeated violations of U.S. immigration law by a company backed with billions of taxpayer dollars.
    According to the Free Beacon, former employees of Spanish solar firm Abengoa described a culture of illegality and irresponsibility through the highest ranks of the politically connected company. The Free Beacon also reported that the company received $2.6 billion from Obama’s stimulus package, which was intended to create American jobs, but despite this employees say the company brazenly disregards any U.S. laws that could slow production or hurt their bottom line.
    One of the former employees, Lydia Evanson, is actually a far left liberal who voted for Obama twice, but she said even she saw that the company’s hiring practice were wrong.
    “I’m far, far to the left” politically, she said. “I voted for Obama twice, [and I] believed in the ARRA […] I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to work there.”
    She was the director of human resources for Abengoa’s construction and engineering subsidiary, and as soon as she took the job she said she saw illegal hiring practices.
    “It started right away,” she said. “They started bringing people from Uruguay and Spain who didn’t have a visa in the U.S.”
    Evanson worked at the company’s Arizona location, where she said they went out of their way to hire Spanish or South American employees, even if they could have been filled by Americans. In her three years working for Abengoa, she said she saw “hundreds of people” working without visas. “Probably three or four hundred people,” she added.
    “You can’t just bring people over and put them to work,” she said. “I kept trying to explain that to the CEO and the CFO of the company, and they didn’t want to listen to me.”
    An employee named Mike Alhalabi who worked at the company’s California facilities echoed the same complaints as Evanson. He was the senior lead mechanical engineer for Abengoa’s subsidiary Abener.
    He recalled how his supervisors deliberately instructed employees to stay in the country illegally and work, even though their visas had expired. He too said he saw the practice “hundreds” of times throughout his term of employment.
    “So they broke immigration laws. And this is hundreds of employees, not one or two, I’m talking about hundreds of employees.”
    Evanson also believes the violations to be intentional, and speculated as to why they were happening.
    “What I came to realize, and it took me a while because I didn’t want to realize it, is that they understood. They knew the law. They didn’t care,” she said. “And I really came to believe that they’re so politically connected that it’s just hubris and arrogance.”
    Which according to Alhalabi, isn’t too far off.
    “Behind the scenes, what brought Abengoa to the United States, based on my research, [was] Al Gore,” Alhalabi said. “He promised to bring U.S. dollars to the company.”
    In 2007, according to the Free Beacon, Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management (GIM) firm bought a large stake in Abengoa. Then three years later Abengoa selected a member of GIM’s advisory board to sit on their board, which happened just months before they received a massive taxpayer-funded infusion from the Department of Energy.
    It’s bad enough such cronyism exists within our government, but when the stimulus was sold to America it was for the purpose of creating jobs for us, not illegal immigrants. One would think that with Obama’s great “concern” for the American people that he would put a stop to such practices by a company we’re so heavily invested in.

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    Illegals are getting taxpayer dollars all the way around, aren't they? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given the special place in the area his heart should be Obama holds lawbreaking invaders.

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    'Bama will say anything, to get what he wants. Once we know that, it's natural to presume that he's lying.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

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