Boston area Hyatt hotels lied to their housekeeping staff by asking them to train vacation fill-ins. However, after the fill-ins were all trained, Hyatt fired all their long-time housekeepers.

Read the story in the Boston Globe. This wasn't even the typical case of a big company trying to get rid of union jobs. The Boston Hyatt housekeepers were non-union employees who had benefits and health insurance. Hyatt just wanted to bring in minimum wage workers through an outside company to get a little bit extra money - another example of corporate greed run wild. Of course, Hyatt will blame the economy.

The question is, if Hyatt doesn't value quality room cleaning services above minimum wage, do you really want to stay there?

Because of Hyatt's greed and lack of concern for its loyal workers, 100 women are out of a job, and without benefits. So please, take a second to indicate to Hyatt if you'd prefer not to stay at their hotels in the future. No one deserves to be treated this way.