[Watch] BP Union Blames Obama, Dems in Congress for Murder of Border Patrol Agent Javier Vega

Posted on Thursday, August 7th, 2014 at 7:50 pm.
by: Rick Wells

Genevieve Woods of The Heritage Foundation and Rich Lowery of National Review join Bill Hemmer to discuss the sickening murder of Border Patrol agent Javier Vega, who, along with his family, was targeted for robbery by illegal aliens with multiple deportations. They were forty miles from the border, fishing and enjoying family time together when the fatal attack occurred.
Woods raises a point which has been of particular concern to border agents and citizens, the distraction and redeployment of agents to childcare duties has resulted in a wide open, virtually non-existent border.
Lowery says that the incident “really puts the lie to what Harry Reid and other Democrats have said which is that the border is secure. The ‘alleged’ gunman here was caught four times.” Lowery details the arrest process which in total accounted for minimal time behind bars and $130 in fines.
Lowery says the “tough but deservedly so statement from the Border Patrol Union” points to the fact Obama and Congress that “the political elites in this country are not serious about enforcing our immigration laws.”
Woods goes on to point out that under Obama, just in the year 2013, ICE released 30,000 serious criminal offenders into the general United States population.
This risk is shared by all Americans. Agent Vega was with his family, off duty. The murderers claim to have not even known he was a Border Patrol agent. Shawn Moran, the national vice president of the NBPC, said in a statement, “…the two sub-humans who murdered the agent were illegal aliens; they were part of a crew conducting robberies in that area.”
Being a part of a crew indicates that an organized criminal operation was being conducted. That is a huge issue and development. Mexican cartels are now operating criminal robbery crews in the United States.
We, through the crime boss in the White House, aided by his accomplice at DHS, Jeh Johnson, are importing and providing their operational muscle, the thugs necessary for the conduct of their criminal enterprise. We also seem to be in many ways sanctioning and facilitating their criminal behavior.
They address the fact that attention is focused on the issue, the House passed a bill to address the actual causes of this crisis, but the Senate and White House do nothing, content to have our country overrun by criminals and foreigners of every description.
Democrats, including Obama and Reid, have as much responsibility for this man’s murder as the disgusting thugs who pulled the trigger. It couldn’t and wouldn’t have happened without their help.

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