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    FBI: Probe Thyself

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    Published on May 9, 2014
    The FBI has launched a formal criminal investigation into last month's federal standoff with the supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

    To be clear, FBI agents are focusing on the alleged misdeeds of the supporters—not the behavior of Bureau of Land Management agents.

    The FBI is reportedly questioning various local police officers—while watching video footage to determine if any of Bundy's armed supporters pointed their weapons at federal agents.

    67-year-old Bundy, the patriarch of a large Mormon family, first made headlines when the federal government started impounding his 900 head of cattle in early April. The standoff followed a 20-year legal battle over cattle-grazing on federal land.

    The standoff involved some 200 heavily armed federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management who descended upon Bundy's ranch. Federal agents apparently did shoot and kill some of Bundy's cattle. Federal agents also damaged Bundy's property.

    Yet, FBI agents have been interviewing BLM agents who had been on site—focusing on allegations that Bundy's supporters and militia members who joined them pointed weapons at the authorities and threatened their lives.

    FBI agents also have interviewed:
    • Metro police Sheriff Doug Gillespie
    • Metro assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo
    • And, among others, a Metro police unit that served as a buffer between the BLM and Bundy's supporters

    Lombardo was quoted as saying: "The federal authorities are conducting an investigation and I am pretty confident it is going to go into the future."

    And according to the World Net Daily news website: "Asked if there would be consequences for somebody recorded on video tape or a news camera pointing a gun at a Metro officer or a federal ranger, Lombardo said 'yes.'"

    Some Metro police officers claimed they had feared for their lives because so many armed supporters stood with the Bundy family. No shots were fired. And federal agents eventually backed down and left.

    Bundy's supporters, reportedly numbering in the thousands, say government agents blocked roads, released attack dogs, pointed their weapons at them and harassed photographers.

    The government claims Bundy owes $1.1 million in unpaid grazing fees and penalties for continuing to let his cattle roam free on land 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas—even after the government decreed the area as a protected habitat for the endangered desert tortoise.

    But while the FBI is looking for the slightest indication that any Bundy supporter pointed a weapon at authorities, the issue of federal agents running guns to ruthless Mexican drug cartels under Operation Fast and Furious still has not been fully resolved—despite the fact that Congressional committees have held numerous hearings on this matter.

    Attorney General Eric Holder himself has been put on the hot seat in Washington, where he danced around questions about his role in, or knowledge of, Fast and Furious. Holder soon became known as Eric the "With-Holder."

    Indeed, the Department of Justice, under which the FBI operates, has been furiously burying the Fast and Furious debacle in layers of denial and bureaucracy. Simply put, the truth has been denied.

    So, in a nation where all roads lead to Washington, the real question is whether the federal government has the moral authority to waste tax dollars on any minor misdeeds possibly committed by Bundy's supporters. Perhaps we as a nation should instead conduct our own investigation into the FBI and BLM, examine their budgets, and decide if these agencies really serve the people.

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    Share if you think these men should have stood with us at the Bundy Ranch... instead of against us.

    Here's the link of the original pics. Since I was there, I know the pictures are accurate.

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