BREAKING: Obama Just Landed in Las Vegas... And He Got an Embarrassing Surprise [PHOTOS]
He deserved this.

BREAKING: Obama Just Landed in Las Vegas… And He Got an Embarrassing Surprise [PHOTOS]

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014

There aren’t too many places left in this great nation that would welcome President Barack Obama with open arms, especially after his almost-certainly illegal amnesty proposal that he announced Thursday.
One of the few, you would think, would be Las Vegas. Sin city, land of legalized gambling and Sinatra’s playground, where money can buy almost anything and ethics are fungible, Las Vegas is a moral relativist’s paradise. How could a Democrat possibly go wrong?

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I’m not certain, but ask Barack Obama. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, our president has somehow gone far enough that even the town that brought you the movies “Casino” and “The Hangover” is willing to take a stand against him.
Lesley Clark, White House correspondent for McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau, reported on Twitter that the crowd that met the president outside the venue for his Thursday night speech was chanting “Worst president ever, Obama!”
There were also signs spotted that read “Impeach Obama” and “No Amnesty.”

Some photos of the event, from the Review-Journal:

Las Vegas was, for reasons unknown to God or man, Obama’s first stop on his tour to sell amnesty. (I’m guessing he either wants to hit the slots at the MGM Grand, or Joe Biden’s forgotten to take his meds and thinks he’s Hunter Thompson again.)
Obama has visited the same high school twice before, once in 2008 while running for the presidency, and again in 2013, when he announced his push for “comprehensive immigration reform.” Is the gym really that nice?
Outside the event, though, Obama and his fans had to deal with what the Review-Journal conservatively described as “dozens of protesters” who were fed up with the president’s imperial actions on the issue of amnesty.
Obama was also heckled during the speech, but that’s not exactly news these days; when he gives a speech that goes off without a hitch with a full audience that doesn’t walk out, then we’ll report it.
All I have to say is, be prepared, Barack. If you can’t make it in Las Vegas, you can’t make it anywhere.
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