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    May 25, 2017 By Kirsty Jane
    Let the Americans fight! US Soldier Questions Why ‘Refugee’ Men Enjoy Welfare In Other Countries While We Fight In Theirs [VIDEO]

    Migrants from the Middle East are singing the “Draft Dodger Rag.”
    Although an asylum-seeker from Iraq thanked and shook the hand of an American soldier for fighting Islamic State terrorists in his home country, he had no interest in doing so himself.
    This pillar of humanity indicated that he left his wife and family back in his war-ravaged home so that he could get fat off of Denmark’s liberal welfare system.
    He also believed that it was entirely fair for the United States to fight for his freedom so that he could lay back and let the other guy do it.
    He wasn’t even interested in helping the Americans fight.
    “No, I have problem in Iraq,” he told the soldier. Yeah, that problem is called the bullets and bombs the family he left behind are dodging every day.
    The soldier-interviewer got much the same response from a Syrian refugee — one who likewise left his family back home.
    “I’m no need go — go to the war,” he told his interviewer. He confirmed that he and the Islamic State don’t get along, so, “Yeah, I’m coming here.”
    And that makes him a special case how? No one gets along with the Islamic State.
    During the Vietnam War era, singer-songwriter Phil Ochs recorded a ditty called “Draft Dodger Rag,” in which he proclaimed that “if you ever get a war without blood and gore, I’ll be the first to go.”
    It’s doubtful that even under those circumstances that these two “refugees” would be interested in returning home. Life’s too good in Denmark.
    And liberals want to open the floodgates to them here?
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    May 27, 2017 By Kirsty Jane
    Manchester Terrorist Blew Up The Children On Taxpayers Money

    The sister of Salman Abedi told reporters he launched his suicide attack on a concert out of “love for Islam.”

    Abedi blew up 22 concert goers in his body blast.
    From Gateway Pundit
    The Islamic State took credit for the attack.
    22 people including an 8 year-old girl were murdered in the bombing.

    Now this…
    Salman Abedi took out several student loans to pay for his trips to terror camps to learn how to blow up children.
    The Telgraph reported:
    Salman Abedi is understood to have received thousands of pounds in state funding in the run up to Monday’s atrocity even while he was overseas receiving bomb-making training.
    Police are investigating Abedi’s finances, including how he paid for frequent trips to Libya where he is thought to have been taught to make bombs at a jihadist training camp.
    […] One former detective said jihadists were enrolling on university courses to collect the student loans “often with no intention of turning up”.
    Abedi was given at least £7,000 from the taxpayer-funded Student Loans Company after beginning a business administration degree at Salford University in October 2015.
    It is thought he received a further £7,000 in the 2016 academic year even though by then he had already dropped out of the course. Salford University declined to say if it had informed the Student Loans Company that Abedi’s funding should have been stopped.

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