Obama’s good standing among illegals is simple enough and quite understandable: A goodly percentage of this demographic are Barack family members!

Bursting of the ObamaMania Bubble—Except Among Sleeper Cells and Illegal Aliens!

- John Lillpop
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

- Satire

Just 36 short months ago, Barack Obama was touted as the greatest thing to visit humankind since the invention of microwave popcorn and other high-technology marvels which continue to amaze and fatten.

He was so charismatic and in possession of such superior intelligence and judgment it was widely held that electing Barack would automatically solve the most gnawing problems confronting the human species.

Worried about global warming? Barack would fix it!

Concerned about economic recession and unemployment? Turn those concerns over to Barack!

Fretting over racial discord? Not to worry. because Barack would usher in an age of “post-racial