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Thread: Callers on Laura Ingraham's Show Not Happy with Trump's Amnesty Plan

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    Callers on Laura Ingraham's Show Not Happy with Trump's Amnesty Plan

    Two callers, both of whom voted for Trump, said they are VERY displeased with Trump's amnesty plan, questioning among other things how did this go from 800K to 1.8 million.

    They voted for Trump because he opposed amnesty -- and if he continues to push this they will not vote for him again as there would be no difference from Obama on this issue.
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    Good, this means we can count on Laura Ingraham to come out fighting for her base on her Fox News show!
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    It is obvious no one intends to really do anything about illegal immigration. To both parties, this is an issue to run on. Meanwhile, the illegal aliens just keep on coming and staying. When I voted for Trump I thought that at last someone could see what a problem illegal immigration was, but he is showing all his talk about illegal immigration was just a lot of blather. In other words "say anything to get elected." Sadly, Trump has turned out to be just another politician.
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    Laura said she has always opposed amnesty, admitted listeners to her show probably wouldn't like Trump's plan, and said this amnesty plan was put together to pass the Senate as Goodlatte's plan wouldn't, and said she liked the enforcement parts and cuts to chain migration, and that she will dig more into this in tonight's show.

    One crucial point she didn't acknowledge, at least from the part of the show I heard, is that any elimination of or cuts to the chain migration and the visa lottery are years down the road and would likely be eviscerated by the Democrats and establishment RINOs-- so once again we would be stuck with immediate legalization/amnesty but no real enforcement and reform of chain migration.
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