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Thread: CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the US

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    CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the US

    CDC admits measles outbreak is caused by people from other countries who enter the United States and spread the disease

    Friday, April 19, 2019 by: Lance D Johnson
    (Natural News) In the first four months of 2019, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have confirmed 555 cases of measles across 20 states. In comparison, there were 382 cases in all of 2018 and just 120 back in 2017. Five years ago, there were 667 confirmed cases, spurring media frenzy. In their latest report, the CDC admits that measles cases are actually coming from international travelers. “These outbreaks are linked to travelers who brought measles back from other countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines, where large measles outbreaks are occurring,” says the CDC.
    In early April, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio declared a state of emergency over a cluster of reported measles cases in the Orthodox Jewish community. The emergency order demanded that all un-vaccinated residents within four zip codes take a measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. Violators face imprisonment and fines up to $1,000. The order includes children as young as six months, even though the MMR package insert states that the vaccine is not recommended for anyone under twelve months of age.
    If authorities are worried about one benign illness, why not target the source of the virus: international travelers from outbreak-stricken areas?

    If Bill de Blasio insists on forcibly injecting six month old babies, (who do not have an adequate immune system to handle the MMR vaccine), then why doesn’t he stop all international travelers coming from outbreak-stricken areas such as Israel, Ukraine, and the Philippines? What about all the disease that pours over the Southern border? If the government insists on micromanaging viruses in the vast world, why do they target healthy, un-vaccinated children and ignore verifiable virus sources from other regions of the world? If stopping measles is so important, why not forbid international travel until the travelers have proven they have overcome infectious disease?
    The bigger questions are: Should the government micromanage benign illnesses in the first place? Should governments have the power to track down people, coerce them with fines and threats of imprisonment, to inject them against their will, all based on the presumption that Merck’s vaccine works for everyone?
    And the question that the CDC should ask themselves: Is vaccination really the answer in all this? Or at least, shouldn’t the parents decide for themselves if augmenting part of their child’s immune system and damaging their cell-mediated immunity is the right way to handle a benign illness like measles?
    Measles infection is typically a benign illness that begins with a fever and ends with a rash. After natural infection, an individual gains lifelong immunity because their humoral antibody response and intra-cellular cytotoxic T-cell response have learned to target measles viruses both outside and inside the cells. Today, measles is over-hyped in the media and used as a selling point for MMR vaccinations (which only spur an allergic-style B-cell response in healthy individuals).
    Are vaccines really the answer for these “outbreaks?”

    The MMR vaccine contains a live attenuated measles virus that is grown in WI-38 and MRC-5 cell strains, which are self-replicating culture mediums derived from 2-4 month old aborted fetal lung cells. After the virus is cultured and replicated in the aborted fetal cells, it is retrieved and processed for use in the combination vaccine. Upon injection, this antigen is intended to augment an immune response from the individual. An aluminum adjuvant is added to the vaccine to further incite an immune response, while adding to the vaccine’s toxicity. Upon injection, T-helper-2 cells respond to the artificial infection, increasing the body’s production of B-cell antibodies. The vaccine is intended to increase the humoral response, but the consequence of this science is rarely discussed. This augmentation causes an imbalance in how the human immune system deals with future viruses.
    There are two principle parts to the immune system. The first is the humoral response, mediated by T-helper-2 cells which encourage B-cell antibody response for killing viruses outside of cells. The second part takes place in the cell. This part is mediated by T-helper-1 cells which communicate with cytotoxic T cells to kill viruses that are replicating within cells. When vaccines are used, the first part is spurred into hyper-action, but the second part is hardly used, weakened. With repeated use of vaccines, cell-mediated immunity weakens, encouraging viral mutations, and future infections of the cells.
    The measles death rate dropped considerably before a vaccine was introduced, so it’s hard to say whether the vaccine was the savior even as measles fatality continued to fall after the vaccine was employed. If anything, people today should thank their ancestors for facing benign illnesses like measles, mumps, and rubella. According to studies on antibody levels in the vaccinated versus the un-vaccinated, naturally acquired immunity is more effective for preventing disease over the long haul, and this also helps build stronger herd immunity in a population. People today should also thank their mothers for passing on passive immunity through breast milk antibodies. Vitamin A has also been studied to shorten the duration and severity of measles infection. In a dose-dependent manner, vitamin A prevented measles complications, including croup, diarrhea, and death by pneumonia. If the government is going to micromanage disease, then they can mandate vitamin A and halt international travelers who are coming from outbreak-stricken areas.
    Targeting smart people who don’t want to weaken their cell-mediated immune response does nothing to protect the public. The CDC, the media, and government mouthpieces are blinded by their own agenda.
    Stay up-to-date at Vaccines.News.

    Sources include:
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    They do not even TALK about the TB epidemic in this country!

    It costs $50,000 - $150,000 per infected person to treat and WE are forced to pay for this!

    Stop bringing refugees, TPS, asylum and allowing illegal aliens to pour over our border!


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