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    Cell phones and illegal

    Did you know what an Illegal aliens gets when he arrives to the US, a cell phone !! mostlikely a T Mobile, since they do not requiere a social sec card or any other document, they are profiting from the illegal immigration, allowing them to comunicate and therefore manipulate the American system
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    Very few

    Very few businesses care where the money is coming from. It could have come from a bank robbery for all they care as long as it winds up with them. They launder it and BAM. Cold cash

    Politicians are just as easily corruptable when it comes to money. It doesnt matter where it comes from.

    I think we need to come down harder on political corruption and white collar crime because its out of control and has very little in the way of consequences.

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    The only phones they can get without any documents are prepaid cell phones (which anyone can get). While these overpriced phones are used by legitimate users whose credit will not allow them to get a regular monthly cell phone or parents who want their children to have a phone they can't run up a huge bill on they are also very popular with illegal aliens, drug dealers/gangs, etc. Every major carrier now offers prepaid service.

    Boost Mobile is paticularily popular with gangs and drug dealers because it has the Nextel Walkie-Talkie. It's easy for them to change phones and at $1 a day for unlimited walkie talkie it's very affordable for criminals.

    We should require any phone line in the US to be registered with a valid SSN and identity. But today you can walk into many cell phone stores with a matricula consular and walk out with a cell phone on a regular plan.
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