Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,
Speak out if you live in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County......a city hearing will take place soon on providing benefits and a city ID to illegal immigrants.
We still have hundreds of thousands of citizens out of work or are working part-time but cannot find a full-time job in North Carolina and the City of Charlotte wants to help illegal immigrants remain in the city, keep jobs and find new ones that don't belong to them, help them get social services it would appear, and provide them a city ID to help the illegals remain in Charlotte and our State.
It is against federal law to aid and assist those in our nation illegally. Let's be honest, this effort by Charlotte is mostly about illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants. And who is going to do serious background checks accepting which feeder documents on persons who are currently living in Charlotte as illegal immigrants having already stolen someone's identity to remain here this long. The City of Charlotte should have created a task force to report on the negative consequences of illegal immigration and how it is hurting low-income citizens and their unemployment, stressing schools, social services, and quality of life. The task force folks talk about growing the economy with illegal immigrants buying stuff, but to increase commerce it is much more efficient to increase exports than to hope illegal immigrants buy enough sodas and potato chips to grow our economy.
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Ron Woodard
(919) 460-8156