Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate 1,600 illegal immigrants into special tent communities

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Newly-elected Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has announced his plan to relocate about 1,600 illegal immigrants housed in different police stations in the city to special tent communities.
Johnson's new plan to create tent cities for these illegal immigrants contradicts his previous statement that Chicago's immigrant community is an essential contribution to the city's economy. He earlier said the presence of illegals "infuses vitality into [the city's] neighborhoods and enhances the cultural fabric of the greatest city in the world."
This also comes as Johnson urged residents to make a "sacrifice" for the greater good, claiming that things could be much worse if they do not.
"These families are coming to the city of Chicago," Johnson stated. "If we do not provide support for these individuals and these families, that type of desperation will lead to chaos. There is a great sacrifice that is going to be required at this moment, sacrifices we are prepared to make to ensure that this city is not chaotic and is not riddled with desperate people."
Johnson's approach aligns with the sentiments expressed by New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who has also been dealing with an influx of migrants arriving in his city. (Related: NYC Mayor Eric Adams warns illegal immigrants will DESTROY the city.)
"Iím not going to accept the notion that the city of Chicago is going to be destroyed," Johnson declared. "We are a city of big shoulders. Weíve been through difficult moments and challenges before. And weíre gonna get to the other side of this."

Chicago residents oppose housing illegals in tent communities

The plan to house the illegals in tent communities only contributed to the increasing tensions and pushback from residents, who were concerned about the influx of migrants arriving in the city.
Earlier this September, residents of Chicago held a meeting in Hyde Park to voice their concerns over the plans to convert a local hotel into a migrant shelter expected to house around 300 people. Doris Lewis, a Kenwood resident who lives near the proposed shelter, was among those who attended the meeting to express her displeasure.
"I am absolutely livid, livid," said Lewis. "Back when they were there in the spring, they would be on our lawn, on our benches. Iím walking around the building, what do I walk upon? Three men urinating on the building. I donít want them there."
"Take them someplace else or send them back to Venezuela, I donít care where they go. This is wrong," she continued. "Seventy-three percent of the people homeless in this city are Black people. What have you done for them? What are you doing for the thousands of Black children who are not in school?"
Lewis' sentiments reflect the frustrations of many residents who are concerned about the potential impacts of housing migrants in their neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, other residents also expressed their worries about the accumulation of garbage near the hotel, the possibility of migrants carrying diseases and the need for thorough screening of individuals residing at the shelter.
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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate 1,600 illegal immigrants into special tent communities Ė