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    Citizens Must Rise and Open Their Eyes

    I am discouraged by and opposed to the proposed legislation on immigration! Citizens should seriously consider the implications of allowing "Illegal Immigrants" to remain in our country, under ANY conditions and/or for ANY reason! The averted terrorist plot recently by three "Illegals" should be convincing enough, however it appears it isn't. The recent increase of KKK, NLR, AB, Neo-Nazi, and Skinhead activity, seeded by the illegal immigrant issue, is also a dangerous threat to our society.

    Another threat is MS13 - Most US Citizens have little awareness as to the threat posed by MS13. I encourage everyone to search MS13 or checkout: to start learning a little more!

    There is evidence to suggest that high-profile terrorist organizations have contacted MS-13 for assistance in crossing the borders from Mexico into the US!

    Illegals are costing U.S. citizen’s money, jobs, security, are destroying our nations economy, placing our country at risk of terrorist attack, sickness via disease, and the spread of agricultural infestations. Jobs and economic security are fading through those that arrive here ILLEGALLY or choose not to ASSIMILATE! The politicians fear that not supporting some form of amnesty they will make enemies among their supporters – The Wealthy, who benefit most from illegals! We fear losing our "Illegal" migrant farm workers! Why? Some alternatives are to put the homeless to work on farms and put low-level felons to work on the farms.

    Our colleges are overcrowded; why are we allowing so many foreign students into our colleges and universities when classes are overfilled, and tough for citizens to get into? It takes citizens longer to get through school and all that has been learned by the foreign student is taken away to help their country prosper and “Compete with the US

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    I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately, our government does not appear to be concerned with the 'will of the people,' nor with our security. We are indeed in grave danger. Something is brewing (hate groups/terrorists), and it isn't good. Hopefully, we who are fighting to thwart the passage of this travesty of a bill, will prevail.

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    Welcome perquiaga! Glad to have you!

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    Welcome perquiaga!

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