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Thread: Clear Warning Signs that the Ebola Invasion of the United States Is About to Begin

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    Clear Warning Signs that the Ebola Invasion of the United States Is About to Begin

    Clear Warning Signs that the Ebola Invasion of the United States Is About to Begin

    Submitted by Dave Hodges on Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 20:45.

    A storm of monumental proportions is ready to hit the United States and endanger everyone in the country and millions in this country will never know or understand what has hit them.
    How many biocontainment, Ebola-ready Level-4 beds are there in America? An extensive data base and internet search reveals that the last published figures on how many Ebola-ready Level 4 beds there are presently in America, that are designed to hold an Ebola patient, comes from data that is almost four years old. Americans need to be aware of the fact that the United States only has 19 Ebola-ready Level-4 Biocontainment beds in the entire country. The United States only has four, Level 4 biocontainment labs in the entire country. The United States is woefully under-prepared to handle even the smallest of Ebola outbreaks.
    Containment Beds Or No Containment Beds, Ebola Is Coming and It’s Airborne

    Did you know that 20% of the presently diagnosed Ebola cases are being discovered far away from the homes of the infected? This has major implications for transmissibility and the creation of a major pandemic.
    According to a recent twitter post- - U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to Del Rio Sector, they recently apprehended a large group of well over 100 illegal immigrants from Angola, Cameroon and Congo after they illegally crossed the Rio Grande River into the U.S. two days ago. This is the precise area which is seeing the most dramatic increases in Ebola reported cases. Ok, this is in Africa and we in the United States have nothing to worry about, correct? That kind of faulty thinking could start a major pandemic which could kill untold millions.
    By my count, there are over 50 peer reviewed studies which demonstrate that Ebola can be transmitted through various airborne means.
    Canadian researchers raised the question of airborne transmission of Ebola back in 2012. By 2015, there was clear research evidence as to the veracity of this 2012 concern. Dr Lisa Brosseau and Dr Rachael Jones, in a research article published by CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, clearly state that Ebola currently has “unclear modes of transmission...We believe there is scientific and epidemiologic evidence that Ebola virus has the potential to be transmitted via infectious aerosol particles both near and at a distance from infected patients, which means that healthcare workers should be wearing respirators, not facemasks...and the CDC's contention that Ebola is only communicable via direct contact is inaccurate.”
    Further, it is an indisputable fact that Ebola cannot be contained in Africa.
    Subsequently, this current President needs to answer two very pressing questions:
    1). Why isn't air travel, both through direct and indirect flights from the Congo, being immediately banned under the name of national security?
    2). Why haven't you used your Executive authority to close the southern border given the threat of bioterrorism?

    I am in contact with federal agents, multiple, that are echoing the accounts in the Independent Media. These accounts are true. Africans from the Ebola-infested areas in Africa are entering the United States in the hundreds (caught), and by the thousands (realistic estimate). It is only a matter of time.
    As indicated in this article, the Ebola virus is poised spread exponentially. The dynamics remind me of the Pearl Harbor attack only on a much grander scale.
    Does anyone else find it interesting that the evidence that Ebola is airborne is almost four years old. Why have we stopped investigating? As they say, it is always quiet before the storm. And since it is documented beyond a shadow of a doubt, the CDC owns the patent on Ebola, we can say that all the pieces are lining up.including the profit motive.
    Please spare me the emotional rhetoric in response to this article. I have provided documented links to the claims presented here. In response, I only want to see the same which may serve to refute my position that the people of this country are deliberately and purposefully being endangered for purposes of profit and political control. Until I see documentable proof that this position is wrong and the evidence presented in this article is in error, I stand by this position. And when you convince me, that I am in error, and you won't, then you will have to convince the federal agents that are living through this nightmare on our southern border.

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    Ebola cases explode in Congo...just as Congo migrants begin crossing our unguarded border

    One, two, many Eric Duncans, now coming over the border? Back in 2014, all it took was one visitor with ebola to disrupt our health care system.

    June 8, 2019
    By Monica Showalter

    In Congo, the ebola epidemic is back. Axios has a disturbing chart showing a sharp arc upward based on Congolese government data. Total cases have gone to from virtually nothing last August to 2,031 now — and the data suggest that the trend has not peaked.
    That's news, because right now, Congolese migrants have begun crossing our unguarded southern border in large numbers.
    According to the Voice of America:

    U.S. Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 150 African immigrants [sic] attempting unauthorized crossings into Texas at the U.S. southern border within the past week, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
    On Saturday, agents arrested a group of 37 undocumented immigrants [sic] from Central Africa who had crossed the winding Rio Grande onto U.S. soil, the CBP said in a news release Tuesday. The agency said the immigrants [sic] consisted of family groups, including small children, from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo.
    Last Thursday evening, agents picked up a group of 116 African immigrants [sic] crossing the river in the Del Rio sector, the CBP said in a May 31 news release.
    Axios, to its credit, is one of the few news agencies that has been keeping tabs on the ebola spread for several months now. Al Jazeera, of all places, is another.
    Previous reports have noted that ebola doctors and nurses have had to brave gunfire and assault by ISIS-linked terrorists as they've tried to treat patients, with that complication enabling the spread of the disease. Terrorist violence combined with a deadly epidemic of a horrific disease would give people with any means reason to migrate abroad, legally or not. But with Europe clamping down on illegal migration, and House Democrats refusing to give the U.S. any tools whatsoever (not even diaper money) to halt the ongoing border surge, and states like California offering free health care to illegal aliens, where would you go? The push and pull factors are on overdrive to head for the U.S. Political violence and disease are driving flight, and the benefits are acting as a magnet. And making it all even more likely, the U.S. border is open, and coming to the U.S. without papers is no barrier to entry or being allowed to stay.
    Any surprise to see a new wave of migrants coming in from previously unheard-of nations such as Congo?
    What's terrible here is that we've already seen what can happen when unvetted people are allowed into the country. In 2014, an ebola patient from Liberia, Eric Duncan, came to an unprepared Dallas hospital and spread the disease to two nurses, who in turn unwittingly exposed other places to the epidemic. A wedding gown shop in Ohio was shut down. The nurses had to undergo extensive treatment at a specialized facility in Maryland. At least one sued the hospital and now refuses to work as an intensive care nurse.
    Duncan, meanwhile, gave conflicting stories to investigators on how he was exposed to the epidemic, and he certainly should not have been traveling after his exposure to previous victims. Whether he came her for medical care for ebola was unknown, but obviously, people who have this dreaded illness are not always going to be honest because the fact is, they are desperate.
    What the Duncan case showed is that all it takes is just one unvetted migrant from the ebola epidemic area to throw the U.S. health system into disorder. You can bet some of these current Congolese migrants are going to be making asylum claims based on the known political violence from ISIS terrorists in their country. But any asylum claim based on that raises the possibility that they are coming from the ebola zones, and it's unknown if they are desperately fleeing that or if they have been exposed or if they are going to be honest about it. Who knows if Customs and Border Protection officers are going to be able to keep them out if they are, anyway?
    This is the makings of a public health disaster here in the states, and sadly, we are probably going to have to learn the hard way, after the disease is here and spreading into the population.
    This is the work of irresponsible House Democrats, who refuse to admit there's a crisis, refuse to reform asylum laws, refuse to appropriate money for a wall, refuse to give the Border Patrol even money for detention centers, and are doing anything they can to stop President Trump keeping the country safe.
    All it takes is one. Are they ready for the consequences of that now?

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    Related: 8/5/2014

    Ebola outbreak fuels concerns over health risks along US-Mexico border
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    SEND THOSE AFRICANS from the CONGO UP TO MANHATTAN!!!!! DUMP THEM THERE ON BILLIONAIRES ROW and in the area of Manhattan that 1 Koch brother supposively lives in there. I've had a change of heart on those Congo Africans. LET THEM IN and USE THEM to get at the enemy. I'd LOVE to see them in TENTS on the grounds of the UN. All kinds of great places to dump them in Manhattan, like all over Central Park and at ADL headquarters that's across from the UN there. The list is endless. Maybe Congressman Nadler will take a few of them into his offices to give them a roof over their heads.
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    They aren’t ‘asylum seekers’ – they had to pass through multiple countries in which they would have been safe before getting here. This is not how the asylum system is supposed to work.

    Weasel Zippers - JUNE 10, 2019

    They aren’t ‘asylum seekers’ – they had to pass through multiple countries in which they would have been safe before getting here. This is not how the asylum system is supposed to work.
    Via Kens5:
    Roughly 350 migrants from the Congo are expected to arrive in San Antonio in the coming days leaving the city scrambling for French-speaking volunteers.
    “We didn’t get a heads up,” Interim Assistant City Manager Dr. Collen Bridger told KEN 5 on Thursday.
    Bridger said the Congolese migrants began to arrive in town on Tuesday. They told Migrant Resource Center workers, they traveled with a group of about 350 migrants through Ecuador to the southern border.

    “When we called Border Patrol to confirm, they said, ‘yea another 200 to 300 from the Congo and Angola will be coming to San Antonio,’” Bridger said.
    That included Masengi, a Congolese migrant, who didn’t want to have his face on camera but told KENS 5 via Google Translate he arrived to the southern border as an asylum seeker.
    Keep reading…

    Either A. FLY THEM INTO MANHATTAN or B. DETAIN THEM IN JAILS and arrange to fly them home NOW!!!!! WHY IS TRUMP ALLOWING these potential EBOLA cases into this nation????? I hate to say, "I HOPE somebody catches Ebola off of 1 of these people", BUT is that what it's going to take for a NATIONAL OUTRAGE over this situation?

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    Send them all back.

    They passed through SEVERAL countries they could have stayed at!

    Get them out of here and back to Africa!


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