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    Clinton Ally David Brock: The GOP Nominee Will Be Donald Trump

    24 Jan 2016

    Top pro-Hillary Clinton operative David Brock said that he thinks Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president.

    Team Clinton is apparently changing its strategy to help it go after Trump rather than Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the general election.

    Media Matters founder Brock runs the pro-Clinton super PACs, American Bridge and Correct the Record. He’s a pivotal opposition-research peddler who has staunchly supported Clinton since the beginning of her campaign.

    “I may have spoken too soon in predicting in December that the Democrats would face Cruz in November,” Brock told CNN in an email Sunday. “I now believe the GOP nominee is likely to be Donald Trump.”

    “I don’t agree with some Dem thinking that Trump would be easy to beat,” Brock told CNN. “He’s rewritten all the rules and I would expect a tough race with Hillary.”

    As Breitbart News reported, Correct the Record has been coordinating closely with the Clinton campaign, claiming that the FEC has not prohibited PACs and political campaigns from coordinating on Internet content that does not include paid advertisements. However, Clinton-World has so far has not shown any evidence that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has blessed the PAC exploiting on the presumed loophole.
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    Interesting. Wonder why he thought in December, Cruz would be the nominee to begin with?

    Oh wait, I know .... he thought the Donor Class behind Cruz would buy it for Ted?

    Any other ideas?
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