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    College Students Sign Petition to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Aliens

    College Students Sign Petition to Deport Americans in Exchange for Illegal Aliens

    Posted on December 17, 2014 by BMartin1776

    Behold the future of America ready to throw their fellow neighbor out of the country in exchange for an illegal alien!
    “makes sense”

    “I think it’s a good idea”

    “everybody deserves a shot, we shouldn’t rule anybody out”

    Parents you need to re-evaluate where you’re sending your kids to college and why. The reasons to go to college no longer hold water its a lie perpetuated on the American people by the ruling elite who are the ones controlling what is taught while burying people in massive debt. The majority of colleges and universities are nothing but a breeding ground err rather indoctrination camps for liberal progressive agenda/policies. These kids are either on board with deporting an American in exchange for an illegal or are so stupid they don’t understand what is being presented to them! Either way it’s bad demonstrating how badly the educational system has become under the control of progressives.

    I truly believe because of everything going on today and examples like this of our youth we have lost an entire generation if not two! This radical mindset is driving the US into dark times that will take decades if not a century to undo.

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    You are looking at the future of America right there in this video if we dont turn our nation around fast!

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    It proves that we are late stopping govt guaranteed education loans and passing out Pelll grants! Add this info to the Congress being nearly all college educated, the sum then is not a total that appears well for America, does it?

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    Someone should get a copy of the petition and start another petition to deport everyone who signed the petition. Then we'll see for how much they believe the will power and desire of illegal aliens to break our laws should be rewarded with their own citizenship.

    Name that Change Their Tune in 3, no 10 seconds. It might take that slow class a little longer than the average Joe to get the question.
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