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    A Compromise:Let Them Have Amnesty

    We should compromise and give them amnesty. We could take votes Nationwide(only legal voters), And they should set up a system according to the votes. Whoever votes no will not be affected, for those that vote yes they could take a percentage of their income(call it taxes) to go towards the costs of the illegals. I'm sure they would change their minds fast if the cost was coming out of their pockets. This would work for other issues too.
    Hey, even though I'm just an American I can dream too.

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    Like how they manage to not factor in the increases in grocery prices we see every week and therefore tell us, for decades, that there is no inflation?

    I've talked to sincerious liberals who admit that their grandkids cannot work their way up the ladder as they and their children did because those jobs are no longer available to US citizen young people. They do not think that their grandkids not being able to get an entry level job is a huge cost. Sorry, but I do.
    Restitution to Displaced Citizens First!

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