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    COP CORRUPTION: San Antonio police found to be protecting HUMAN SMUGGLING as side gig

    COP CORRUPTION: San Antonio police found to be protecting HUMAN SMUGGLING as side gigs for extra cash

    03/26/2024 // Ethan Huff // 720 Views

    Tags: big government, conspiracy, cops, corruption, deception, evil, human smuggling, Illegal aliens, illegal immigration, illegals, invasion usa, law enforcement, lunatics, migrants, national security, Police, real investigations, San Antonio, trafficking, traitors, treason, truth, Twisted

    Corrupt police officers in Texas are engaged in human smuggling operations for which they are being paid on the side and apparently off-duty – but while still wearing their official police uniforms, mind you – to run cover for the treasonous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) helping illegal migrants invade America.TENET Media conducted an investigation into the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD), whose officers were seen guarding a migrant camp and working inside the tents on behalf of NGOs. Note: The officers you will see in the following video footage are being paid on the side to support human smuggling.

    Watch TENET Media on X: "Last night— Tenet Reporter @TaylerUSA confronted multiple @SATXPolice officers about working a side gig where they are helping facilitate human smuggling at the Migrant Resource Center in San Antonio, TX. The officers are seen wearing their official SAPD uniforms, driving work…" / X (

    "NGOs are facilitating human smuggling of migrants into America," TENET Media reports. "You actually have a San Antonio Police Department car watching as a lookout, basically guarding this area."
    "They're taking side contracts in relation to these NGOs and are actually being paid a significant amount to guard this area – and they're in their official San Antonio PD uniforms, to top it off, with their San Antonio PD cars as well."
    (Related: Law enforcement in the United States is increasingly expected to enforce "thought crime" violations, including by rounding up the "mentally ill" for involuntary detention.)
    "This is an extra job for us," admits San Antonio PD about migrant trafficking

    When TENET Media approached two SAPD officers sitting inside a tent at the migrant camp, one of them admitted before the other one cut him off that "this is an extra job for us."
    "So are you being contracted by the NGOs then?" TENET Media then asked the two officers before the second officer told the first one to "just say 'no comment.'"
    After this point, no matter what TENET Media asked the two officers, both of them either remained silent while staring or responded with "no comment."
    When TENET Media asked again for clarification about what the two officers were doing at the migrant site if not on official duty, he was met with a rude response of "It's none of your business."
    The two cops then proceeded to verbally bully the TENET Media reporter, ordering him to "back up" as he continued to ask questions – rightful questions, seeing as how law enforcement is paid for by taxpayers – about the nature of their presence at the migrant facility.
    TENET Media then proceeded to unpack some of the corruption taking place, including NGOs paying for migrants' flights into America while scamming the sources of their funding, in some cases by charging double what the flights actually cost.
    "Why are you as police officers not looking into this?" he then asks as the one particularly arrogant officer just stares back at him while lounging in his chair, repeatedly stating "no comment" over and over again like a robot.
    The officers did respond with their badge numbers when asked for them. The arrogant one who kept saying "no comment" revealed his as 2213, his badge name reading "Mcel Wain," while the other, a black man who tried to ignore TENET Media the entire time, responded with 81, refusing to show his badge or his name.

    Anthony Aguero Live

    Oct 7, 2023


    #SanAntonio Police department doesn’t seem to bat an eye for all the children being moved around. This pure lawlessness.

    Watch on X

    April Sparks


    Same night different view!!!

    2:09 PM Oct 8, 2023

    "I want to see them in handcuffs," wrote someone on X about what he wants to see happen to these corrupt San Antonio cops.
    More related news about the police corruption in support of illegal alien migration into the U.S. can be found at
    Sources for this article include:

    COP CORRUPTION: San Antonio police found to be protecting HUMAN SMUGGLING as side gigs for extra cash –

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