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Thread: Could McCain have the winning strategy to win over Latino voters?

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    Any Republican that votes for this is out of their mind, It will hand a permenant 20+ million voting block to Democrats. The illegals will never vote Republican. They don't speak English well enough to know what is going on, only what they are told. And they are told that Republicans don't give as much free stuff as Democrats. JMO
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    Better strategy for Latino votes. Deport EVERY single illegal alien. Throw anyone in prison on felony charges for aiding and abetting illegal aliens. Pass an Act that defines the 14th Amendment to not be for illegal aliens or those on temp visa's such as tourist, work, or school and that as the parents have foreign allegiance the children do as well. Make it retroactive from 1996 (date of the last major passed Immigration bill IIRIRA and then weed through whoever doesn't have at least 1 citizen or green card holder parent and remove the mistaken citizenship.

    This will get rid of the vast majority of illegal aliens and their buddies. This also means that the Rep % of the Latino vote grows greatly as the Dems are no longer getting illegal votes or anchor baby votes. It would probably even win over a number of legal Latino votes who are sick of being lumped with the illegal aliens.
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