Country Legend Charlie Daniels Has A Few Thoughts On Common Sense Gun Laws

Katie Jerkovich

Country legend Charlie Daniels had a few thoughts on common-sense gun laws and suggested that before politicians pass more restrictions on legal gun owners, they enforce existing ones.

“Some of the Democrat presidential candidates wasted no time in blaming the mass shooting at the Walmart in El Paso [Texas] on President [Donald] Trump,” the 82-year-old country singer wrote on his website Friday following the deadly mass shootings.

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“That is both dumb and stupid and tantamount to blaming all the police shootings on Barack Obama for his careless remarks about the police acting ‘stupidly,’” he added. “Or blaming Bernie Sanders for the attempted murder of then Majority Whip, Steve Scalise and other Republican lawmakers at a softball game practice because the perpetrator was one of his supporters, or blaming the Dayton [Ohio] shooter because he was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.”

Daniels continued, explaining that what needs to be done first is to “enforce existing gun laws,” because “the cities with the most stringent firearm laws have the highest murder rates.”

“Secondly, the very ‘geniuses’ who want to blame Trump for El Paso, advocate a policy that actually imports violent gang members and other criminals across our southern borders every day, look at the statistics dealing with MS-13 and how many violent crimes have been committed by people who crossed into this country illegally,” the “Uneasy Rider” hitmaker wrote.

“The problem with getting legal gun owners on board is the government’s habit of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and their ‘give us an inch and we’ll take a mile’ approach,” he added.

Daniels went on and explained that “the difference in the murder rate in El Paso and the one in Dayton [Ohio] was due to the presence of police officers in Dayton who were on the scene in 30 seconds and brought the killer down before he could carry out the number of killings he undoubtedly planned to do.”

“Even if the anti-gun contingent had their ultimate way and were successful in removing legally owned guns in America, nothing would be done about the illegally owned ones,” the legendary singer shared. “One more law is not going to turn criminals into law-abiding citizens.”

Finally, he concluded that one of the biggest myths perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby that needs to be debunked is that there’s a need for more background checks, because he said most states already have a very strict background check system in place.

“In my home state of Tennessee, we have a thorough background check system, and not just the first time you purchase a firearm, but every time,” Daniels shared. “Every state I’ve bought a gun in have these same kinds of requirements, especially for buying handguns, and yes, even at the ‘gun shows’ you’ve heard so much about.”

The country singer wrote that legal gun owners have a right to “own a gun, criminals don’t, apply the medicine to the diseased areas, not the healthy ones.”