Crime kills four times as many people as war: UN

The case for a border wall just gets stronger.

July 8, 2019
By Monica Showalter

Crime is something long dismissed by the Left as an individual misfortune and victims, such as the surviving family members of those killed by illegal aliens, a matter of indifference. Out of sight, out of mind...
But a new study from the United Nations finds that crime kills four times as many people as full-blown war.
According to Deutsche Welle:
Criminal activity is responsible for more deaths around the world than terror attacks and armed conflicts combined, according to a study published on Monday by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
The sweeping study found that organized crime is one of the biggest drivers of homicides around the world, and that women are more often killed by their partners or family members.What are the main takeaways?

  • Some 464,000 people around the world were killed in homicides in 2017 — far more than the 89,000 people killed in armed conflicts that same year.
  • Organized crime was responsible for up to 19% of deaths worldwide.

The report is a mishmash of facts and social justice warrioring about crime against women by their domestic partners (maybe getting married instead of cohabiting as well as stigmatizing the adultery culture had some social utility in keeping women alive back in the bad old days), as well as some smug posturing about Europe's low murder rate, something officials who compile such data have repeatedly been caught concealing on the impact of migrant crime, but never mind.
What's vivid here is that murder is a far bigger danger to ordinary citizens than war. Human rights organizations yell about human rights violations committed by states indiscriminately, but there is no such thing as a human rights activist organization, at least within the U.N. orbit, that focuses on private-sector crime — which is crime by criminals. Only crimes by the state count. Social justice warriors yell about "justice" and the pope denounces war, but their silence on crime is deafening.
Meanwhile, there's no global attention on the world's migrant surges as intensifiers of crime against citizens, either. Yet migrants commit a far greater share of murders and other crimes against law-abiding citizens, both in America and Europe, than the local populations. Migrant surges are always crime importation conveyor belts, and the victims are always matters of indifference. In the U.S., twenty percent of the federal prison population is illegal aliens. Unless illegals are 20% of our population, that's an outsize proportion.
Now let's shift to the only guy out there who knew what was going on before this U.N. report came out: the much-reviled-by-the-elites President Trump.
President Trump ran for election as president and won based on recognition that unvetted migrants and open borders are Petri dishes for crime. He cited high-profile migrant murders of innocent bystanders, such as Kate Steinle, and was reviled for it. He made common cause with surviving families of victims, such as the Angel Families, to get some kind of word out. Good as his word, he tried to persuade Congress to build a border wall to protect Americans from, among other things, the violent crime such open-borders arrangements enable, and the Democrats refused. The Left scoffed and mocked him and painted him as inhuman to migrants, but the UN numbers don't lie.
More people are killed by crime than warfare. And while warfare is confined to the Third World, murders are all over. It's appalling and behooves every government to do all it can to protect its people from crime, including imported crime. If this isn't a case for a wall, what is?
Image credit: Tony Webster, via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0.