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    Cruz Supporters Turn On 91 Year-Old Phyllis Schlafly After Trump Endorsement

    The Cruz mafia and the Democrats appear to be using same playbook.

    Cruz Supporters Turn On 91 Year-Old Phyllis Schlafly After Trump Endorsement

    Jim Hoft Apr 7th, 2016 6:52 pm 334 Comments
    On March 11, 2016 conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump for President at his St. Louis rally.

    But not everyone in her organization, Eagle Forum – or her family – agreed with Phyllis Schlafly’s decision.

    Back on Feb 8th, Cathie Adams was asked Phyllis Schlafly for her endorsement for Vice Chair of the Republican Party in Texas. Phyllis graciously gave Adams her endorsement.

    Then in March Cathie Adams attacked Phyllis saying she was “manipulated” into endorsing Donald Trump.

    Adams would not return Phyllis’s calls this week.

    Back in everyone in her organization – or her family – agreed with Schlafly’s decision.

    Today Cathie Adams was let go by Eagle Forum for disloyalty to the founder and her attempt at a rogue board meeting to take over the Eagle Forum Board.

    Illinois Review reported:

    “Today, the Missouri Eagle Forum Board met and voted to replace Anne Cori as member of that board. This was the final step in the process because of Ann’s disloyalty to our founder of Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly,” an update sent out by the group’s national director Ed Martin said Thursday.

    A few months ago, the statement said, “Anne refused a request by Phyllis to step aside as President of Missouri Eagle Forum.”
    Mrs. Cori chose instead to endorse U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

    In addition, Cathie Adams, who has travelled worldwide over the years representing Eagle Forum at United Nations meetings, was also publicly reprimanded by Schlafly. Adams is in the midst of a statewide campaign to leadership in Texas’ GOP.

    “Phyllis has rescinded her personal endorsement of Cathie Adams in her race for Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas,” the statement said. “Cathie has been disloyal and just this week has refused to return Phyllis’ phone call.”

    Adams also endorsed Cruz for president.
    Phyllis Schlafly has been a historic leader in the conservative movement in America. She has been fighting the liberal agenda for over 50 years. It is a shame that her closest supporters have now turned on her for supporting Donald Trump for president.
    What a shame.

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    The religious conservatives who support Trump, plus those who figured they'd better side in with them (i.e classic political opportunists) are determined to nominate ABT (Anyone but Trump). Yes they played a good role in the Reagan era----if you can justify trying to impose a some win all, some lose all capitalist system on a people who had known nothing but collectivism for seventy years. Luckily, George HW Bush stepped up to the plate---because 2 million foreign workers were at risk of slaughter, not just the oil rich Kuwaitis, and he did it with a careful, well thought out plan with solid international support.

    It hasn't been exactly a joyride since then, though.

    Poor George W. Bush, dealing with one of the worst post war crisis and meanwhile the Texan religious right telling him it was all inevitable, the world would end soon, anyway. Then later the religious right disavowed Mitt Romney, probably the only GOP candidate who could have won in the highly toxic-to-Republicans atmosphere of 2008.

    Now they are back at it, with Texan radical militant Cruz and the ABT movement. I don't see much good in the stars, unfortunately, based upon past experience.
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    Don't you mean "religious conservatives who support Cruz, plus those who ...."
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