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Thread: Democrats, donít celebrate Trumpís nomination. Fear it.

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    Democrats, donít celebrate Trumpís nomination. Fear it.

    Democrats, donít celebrate Trumpís nomination. Fear it.

    By Fred Hiatt Editorial Page Editor May 8 at 10:03 PM

    I know the polls say Donald Trump cannot win. But what if we are looking at the wrong poll question?

    What if Trumpís overwhelming negatives donít matter? Or, to put it another way, what if the countryís negatives matter more?

    Right now, about 6 in 10 Americans have an unfavorable view of Trump, and only 36 percent view him positively.

    But the country is faring even worse. In the most recent average of polls calculated by RealClearPolitics, 26.9 percent of Americans think the nation is headed in the right direction and 64.9 percent think we are heading down the wrong track.

    So what if even voters who respect Hillary Clintonís competence reject her as the embodiment of business as usual? And what if even voters who do not like Trumpís bigotry or bluster care more that he will, in their view, shake things up?

    Sure, these voters might tell themselves, he may be crude, or inconsistent, or ill-informed. He may insult women and Hispanics and other groups. But itís part of a shtick. He probably doesnít mean half of it. Heís just an entertainer. The desire to send a message of disgust or disapproval, in other words, could lead voters to overlook, discount, wish away or excuse many Trump sins.

    Meanwhile, Clinton cannot shake free of the status quo. You may remember how this bedeviled Al Gore when he asked voters to give the Democratic Party a third straight presidential term in 2000. The vice president managed to achieve the worst of both worlds, alienating Bill Clinton and his most ardent supporters without establishing himself as an entirely new brand.

    Unlike Gore, Hillary Clinton is not an incumbent. But she is no less associated with the establishment, having served as first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state over the past quarter-century. Even if she were inclined to do so, she could not afford to distance herself from President Obama, whose backers she will need to turn out in large numbers.

    I know there is an element of irrationality in these fears. I understand that not every dissatisfied American will vote for Trump.

    About two-thirds of the country may think we are on the wrong track, after all, but Obamaís approval rating is 51 percent and rising.

    Meanwhile, only 4.7 percent of eligible voters have actually cast a ballot for Trump in the party nomination process so far, as an analysis by FairVote shows. Many of the remaining 95.3 percent, no matter how unhappy most are with the performance of their government, will take their responsibility seriously enough that they will not vote for someone who casually threatens the faith and credit of the United States, breezily posits the merits of nuclear proliferation and cheerfully espouses torture as an instrument of U.S. policy.

    Republicans are divided, the economy is improving, the demographics are increasingly in Democratsí favor. The likeliest result of a Trump nomination is a Republican washout up and down the ballot.

    I do get all that.

    Still, when I hear smart people explaining why Trump cannot win, all I can think is: Arenít you the ones who told us that he couldnít top 30 percent, and then 40 percent, and then 50 percent in the Republican primaries? Werenít you confident that he was finished after he called Mexicans rapists, and insulted prisoners of war, and dished out a menstruation insult?

    Did you predict his nomination? If not, we donít want to hear your certainty about his November defeat.

    Nor is it reassuring to read how happy the Clinton camp must be to be facing such a weak opponent. They need to be running scared ó smart, but scared ó now and for the next six months.

    I do have faith in the American voter, I really do. But when two-thirds of the country is unhappy, a rational outcome canít be taken for granted.
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    Okay, Fred, I get you. You're a Democrat, you're a Hillary Supporter, nothing could be more clear from your article and the point of it. We get that. That all said to clear the air, I appreciate your wisdom in writing this article because you're onto something. Trump is going to win the November election. But you didn't say the real reason why he's going to win the election, so I'll do that for you.

    Trump is going to win the November election because:

    1. Trump's right on immigration. He's right about illegal aliens from Mexico and elsewhere, ask their victims. His position on immigration is also US Law. We're supposed to already have a border fence or wall by law. We're supposed to have already deported all illegal aliens from the United States by law. We're supposed to keep illegal aliens out of our country by law. The primary role of the President of the United States is to enforce US law.

    2. Trump's right on trade. He's right about the devastation of these free trade treason treaties on the US economy and the American Worker. What he says is the absolute truth verified by trillions of dollars of lost US economy and tens of millions of good US jobs. Our Congress is not empowered to pass treason agreements. These deals have to be fixed, made right, corrected and/or terminated and/or withdrawn from.

    3. Trump's right on foreign policy, NATO, the UN, Muslimism, and foreign wars. He's 110% right across the board.

    4. Trump's right on education, health care, infrastructure, Social Security and taxation. He's 110% right across the board.

    Trump won this nomination because he told Americans the truth, a truth they already knew, a truth they needed to hear from a candidate committed to fixing the problems. Trump won every vote because the voter agreed with him, because the voter understood the problems before Trump was a candidate, because the voter has been waiting and voting and waiting and voting for people who say they're going to fix this or fix that, but they're all talk,no action, and even worse, many have proven themselves to be wolves in sheep's clothing and foxes watching the hen house, polite terms for Traitors.

    These issues are America's issues. There is no partisan issue here. Every American wants our borders secured, our trade properly conducted to benefit our country and citizens, our government spending held in check while still spending on needed important activities that provide a good return to all citizens, like good education, health care, infrastructure, military and SS retirement. These issues are not Republican issues any more than they are Democrat issues, these are national issues that impact everyone, regardless of party affiliation. These are the basic functions of our nation without which we will collapse, starve and die.

    You also forgot something really important. During the General Election campaign, the lies of the media will be exposed. The name-calling and labeling of Donald Trump will be revealed as totally false. For example, you wrote:

    And what if even voters who do not like Trump’s bigotry or bluster care more that he will, in their view, shake things up?
    Trump is not a bigot and has no bigotry. What are you talking about? You think a ban on Muslim immigration until we figure out what is going on is "bigotry"? No, it's national security. Hindus are not coming here to commit massacre and genocide against Americans, foreign Muslims are doing that as part of their religious beliefs. When a religious belief threatens the national security of the United States, that belief is now a threat as are the people who subscribe to it. World Trade Center truck bombing, World Trade Center collapse, Boston Marathon Bombing, Fort Hood Massacre, San Bernardino Massacre, etc., etc., etc. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and many others through the years. Enough is enough. Sorry. Under the US Constitution, the federal government is not only empowered, it is obligated to prevent and prohibit after the year 1808 the admission of migrants and imported labor. That is the only authority it has with regards to immigration, to prevent it, not admit it. So I have to roll my eyes when stupid politicians and idiot writers think it's "bigotry" for a Presidential candidate to prohibit immigration of any kind from anywhere or all kinds from everywhere, when it is in fact his job.

    And then you write:

    Weren’t you confident that he was finished after he called Mexicans rapists, and insulted prisoners of war, and dished out a menstruation insult?
    Trump didn't call Mexicans rapists. He called illegal aliens from Mexico rapists, drug runners and criminals. Which they are. That's just a fact. An illegal alien from Mexico and everywhere else starts their entry here as a criminal, having paid smugglers with drug cartel money, entered our country in violation of US law to steal jobs, depress wages and hours, lie to get utilities, steal an SS number to get Medicaid, to aid and abet other illegal aliens, to form drug networks, run criminal gangs to protect the turf, to kill, to murder, to drink and drive, to do so much wrong, to steal educations, to steal health care, and so much more. Trump never called Mexicans anything. Trump was talking about illegal aliens Mexico was sending up here which weren't their "best". He also said he assumes some are good people. So the media and writers obsessed of course with anything having to do with sex and focused solely on the "rapist" part of his comment, instead of the entire comment. It's why Donald Trump calls you all the most dishonest people in our country, and he's right of course.

    Trump didn't insult prisoners of war. He was talking specifically about John McCain, whom some call a "hero" as some were still referring to him as one. Trump's point was that no one would even know who John McCain was if he hadn't been captured and was making the point that the objective is not to get captured. It was a rough point, but I understood what he was saying in the context of the antagonistic question he was responding to, but you never write about the question he was responding to or his full answer, you just grab a phrase and distort the entire truth of what he was communicating. The irony is that John McCain prevented POW/MIA legislation for years in the US Congress to conceal something that happened in Vietnam. Everyone at the time knows about that. Do you not know about that? No one loves our Veterans more than Donald J Trump, no one loves our soldiers more than Donald J Trump, yet you write articles as have many others to distort that truth and generate a lie about a candidate for President of the United States.

    Donald Trump never "dished out a menstruation insult". Never. Yet here you are months and months after the statement he actually made which was referring to her being angry and her head exploding from anger with "blood coming out of her eyes and wherever" when he was referring to her nose and ears. Donald Trump's statement only referred to her head above the neck, yet you disgusting journalists immediately hear "blood" and your filthy minds drop below the waist. When you lie about a Presidential candidate, you cheat the people of our country, you discredit a good candidate, a man who can and wants to fix our country, and in doing this, you exploit for personal political gain the power of our free press. Oh yes, you have the right to lie, deceive, distort, and falsify news. The question is, why do you want to do that? We can only assume that your puppets of the Masters who want to see the Democrat elected, another Clinton, to perpetuate another Obama Administration to finish off the sell out of the United States and the destruction of the American People. As a woman, I am deeply offended by a press who constantly wants to drop an issue into a woman's drawers when the statement was about a woman's head. It's evidence of perversion in our MSM, and you all need some serious therapy.

    Republicans are divided, the economy is improving, the demographics are increasingly in Democrats’ favor. The likeliest result of a Trump nomination is a Republican washout up and down the ballot.
    Republican are not divided. We're united. The "leaders" are in a quandary with their donor base because most of their big donors want illegal immigration and free trade treason. Of course US citizens don't want any of that and Republicans are very united against it. In our Republican Party, "leaders" are figure-heads easily removed and put out to pasture with little power as Trump and his Trump Train of Supporters have clearly shown to be the case.

    The economy is not improving. What are you talking about? We have 94 million working age Americans shut out of the labor force, 24 million more than we had in 2000. We have 75 million people on Medicaid, 26 million more than we had in 2008. Carrier is leaving, Ford is leaving, Nabisco is leaving, Boeing is leaving, GE is leaving. We've lost 55,000 manufacturing operations. Our economy grew by .5%, yes, POINT FIVE PERCENT, that's one-half of 1%. They expected 200,000 jobs last month and we only delivered 160,000 for millions and millions of Americans who need and want a job but after years of looking gave up to save their gas money until there's an announcement of a new employer coming to town. Our economy is not improving, it's dying faster than we can count the ways and means.

    So, when the truth comes out in the General Election campaign that Trump is not a bigot, he is not a misogynist, he is not a sexist, he is not a racist, he was not talking about menstruation, he was talking about a nosebleed, he wasn't talking about prisoners of war, he was talking about John McCain, and oh believe me it will all be cleared up in every rally and every interview when the whole country is watching, how will that factor in to your "Republican washout up and down the ballot?"

    When all the dishonesty of the MSM gets straightened out, all the false labeling exposed, and you're left only with honest, decent, Donald Trump and his policy positions where he is absolutely right on everything across the board, how will THAT factor into your estimations of Trump Right On Everything against Hillary Wrong On It All in November?

    You all claim you want to focus this election on policy. Yet, you've ignored Trump's policies and focused solely on dishonest misrepresentations of casual statements to wrongfully label him. That is not a press focused on policy. That is a press focused on lies and bias to promote their own personal candidate of choice. In our language, we don't call that journalism news, we call that political propaganda.

    Americans are too smart for that. So please before you write another opinion article, factor in some context, integrity and facts. If you'll do that, you'll get a larger longer readership which will be good for business. After all, you're going up against the Trump Train and his Trump Supporters, you're working against the Movement of the American People to take our country back. And no one is going to get in our way. This train is rollin' rollin' rollin' non-stop to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to get Donald Trump to the Oval Office so he can help US fix our country.
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    you post is very good
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