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Thread: Dennis Michael Lynch on DACA Amnesty

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    Dennis Michael Lynch on DACA Amnesty

    Response from DML (Dennis Michael Lynch) to an email he received.


    I’m reporting about when Donnie DACA told that story about the old lady and the snake she took in and held it against her bosoms and nurtured it back and it bit here. I wish you could run that story. Thanks Rick.

    DML: Good one, Rick. That said, I don’t have a microphone in front of me so it’s hard to convey my full head of thoughts, but if people have been following me long enough and actually listen to what I say, then I should not have to give a brain dump. When I return, perhaps I will. In the interim, I ask you all to ask yourself these questions, and provide yourself an honest answer:

    A) When Obama announced his DACA amnesty, conservatives went haywire. Now Trump wants to legalize Obama’s fundamental transformation (DACA). Had Trump stood on the debate stage in 2016 and told voters, “If elected president I will push for the legalization of Dreamers, I love these kids.” Would you have voted for him? I know I would not have.

    B) When Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an “act of love”, did you blast him for it? I know I did. So, had Trump stood on the debate stage in 2016 and declared that if elected president he would push for a “love bill” to help legalize illegal aliens, would you have voted for him? I know I would not have.

    c) When Marco Rubio was the star of the Republican party in 2013, but then joined the Gang of 8 to create a comprehensive immigration reform bill to help legalize the illegals, did you stick with Rubio, or did you call him a liar for backing away from his campaign promise that he would never support amnesty? I know I dropped my support. Trump is now doing the same thing.

    D) After the election, Trump raved on and on and on about the illegal votes Hillary allegedly grabbed from illegal aliens. So, when Trump cried about all the illegal votes given to Hillary, did you ever think for one moment that he would legalize some of those votes by pushing for an amnesty? I know I did not.

    E) Consider A-D when you answer this last question, or do not, it’s entirely up for you. But this last question says a lot about who a person is and who a person is not…

    I have often stated in my commentary that Trump would never suggest an amnesty of any kind, or for any reason. What fueled my confidence was the fact that he met with the families of victims of illegal aliens and promised them that no amnesty whatsoever would ever pass his desk. I have often said that meeting with those parents will change a person’s life like it did mine. Some of these parents have given me mementos from the lives their children once led. I can only assume these parents gave similar items to Trump.

    That said, a real man would never turn his back on these Americans. If the “art of the deal” includes lying to people who believe in you, then perhaps that’s why I never bought the book. And if lying your way through a negotiation doesn’t bother you, I’m not sure how you can be part of Team DML. If Obama did the same thing, I would be ripping him to shreds for screwing with the emotions of the American people. A real dealmaker doesn’t need such draconian tactics.

    Anyone who can look so cool into a camera and lie, is as scary as Obama. There is no difference between Obama’s lie about Obamacare and his vow that you can keep your doctor, and Trump’s lie on DACA — wall or no wall. Please know this NOW, I will not pretend as if this is not happening. Even if DACA doesn’t pass and this all goes to waste, I will never be able to fully trust what comes from Trump’s mouth. If Trump was a man of his word, he would say there is no amnesty at all, no matter what.

    As noted above, make no mistake, if the jobs situation in the US continues to improve, we will report in bright red colors, and so too with all other areas of news. We will not stop reporting the truth, and informing our readers and viewers. I close by saying that I assure you of the following: If that border wall gets approved in exchange for DACA, the wall will never be finished, and if I am wrong, I assure you it will never stay up. You can take that to the bank.

    So, the last question is this; what do you say about a man who will look these Angel Parents in the face and take pictures with them for the sake of getting elected — make promises to them, and then break those promises and not as much as refer to them when doing so? I think Rick provided the answer.

    9 Jan

    Dennis Michael Lynch ✔
    Imagine how parents of children killed by illegal aliens feel today. @realDonaldTrump promised you no amnesty during campaign before and after the photo opp. They must feel used & abused. My heart bleeds for them today. Please know I will never do that to you. #DonnyDACA


    Sabine (Angel Mom)
    Thank you Dennis. I’m emotionally raw & broken down. U called me when I first started this fight after My sons death. I never forgot.
    5:34 PM - Jan 9, 2018
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    Mr. Lynch is on mark. He gets it and obviously understands how many of us are feeling right now.

    I'm beyond disappointed in Trump on the DACA issue and have been ever since he broke his campaign promise to end DACA immediately after moving into the White House! He lied to us before and it seems he's continuing to lie to his base supporters that got him elected. Exactly how much does he expect us to take and still support him?
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    I would have never voted for TRUMP if he gave any inkling of allowing ANY illegal alien stay in this country. He would not have got my husband's vote either.

    And I want catch and release stopped now. They need to be turned right back around. Shut down these detention centers!

    No papers, no rights, no judge, no lawyer!
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