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Thread: 'Dilbert' Cartoonist Openly Endorses Trump: He's Healthier, Better

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    'Dilbert' Cartoonist Openly Endorses Trump: He's Healthier, Better

    Monday, September 26, 2016 06:53 PM
    By: Greg Richter

    "Dilbert" cartoonist Scott Adams in June announced he was supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton for president – but only because he feared Clinton's supporters would kill him otherwise.

    On Sunday, Adams wrote on his blog that he has officially switched allegiances and now supports Republican Donald Trump. He listed several reasons, but the biggest was that Trump is the better leader and more likely to take the United States into a more prosperous era.

    Adams also suggested Clinton's health – and that of her husband, former President Bill Clinton – could be a problem.

    Adams argues that what many see in Trump as him being a "fascist" or racist is actually an example of his gift for persuasion. He essentially takes an extreme position at first, then has an ability to read the public and then lead them.

    "Once Trump has established himself as the biggest bad-ass on the topic, he is free to 'lead,' which we see him do by softening his deportation stand, limiting his stop-and-frisk comment to Chicago, reversing his first answer on penalties for abortion, and so on."

    Trump looks "scary" to anyone not trained in persuasion, but those who understand pacing and leading "might see him as the safest candidate who has ever gotten this close to the presidency."

    For that matter, Adams argues, Trump's chumminess with Russian President Vladimir Putin "is more likely to keep us safe, whether you find that distasteful or not."

    Clinton's plan to "insult Putin into doing what we want … seems dangerous as hell to me," Adams said.

    Trump's powers of persuasion are essential to guiding the economy and a multitude of other issues, Adams writes, and the battle against the Islamic State (ISIS) is no less in need of those powers.

    "The entire purpose of military action against ISIS is to persuade them to stop, not to kill every single one of them," he said. "Trump understands persuasion, so he is likely to put more emphasis in that area.

    Adams also addressed an issue that many of Clinton's critics on the right have latched onto: her health.

    "To my untrained eyes and ears, Hillary Clinton doesn’t look sufficiently healthy – mentally or otherwise – to be leading the country," he said. "If you disagree, take a look at the now-famous 'Why aren't I 50 points ahead' video clip."

    Bill Clinton also looks unhealthy, Adams wrote, and "Hillary wouldn't be much use to the country if she is taking care of a dying husband on the side."

    Adams also expressed alarm at Clinton's plan to increase the estate tax, saying that it actually reaches down to estates worth as little as $5 million.

    "I call this a confiscation tax because income taxes have already been paid on this money," he said. "In my case, a dollar I earn today will be taxed at about 50% by various government entities, collectively. With Clinton’s plan, my remaining 50 cents will be taxed again at 50% when I die. So the government would take 75% of my earnings from now on."

    Finally, in what Adams admits isn't his biggest issue, he notes that Trump supporters are preparing for a party if he wins, while Clinton's backers are prepping for a funeral if she does.

    "I want to be invited to the event that doesn’t involve crying and moving to Canada," he said.
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    "I want to be invited to the event that doesn’t involve crying and moving to Canada," he said.

    YES!! We all want to be invited to a Trump White House Party! Trump will build the new Ball Room, so thousands of people can come to visit the President of the United States in comfort!
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