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    dinner with president

    I got a call today from the Congress , " giving me an award for natural leardership " - my secretary took a message .
    I called back and there was a message from Tom Reynolds , cogressman-Republican , offering me to join Advisory commeette - for $700 and dinner with president for $5000 .
    They are telling that I should be interested in the topic because as a taxpayer my burden is high and they are trying to "help " us with it .
    I asked what is Mr.Thomas Reynolds policy on Illegal immigration and the answer was - we are trying to help them so there will be enough of work power in the country and all the businesses would benefit from this .
    Then they asked me if they can place my name in their Newspaper polls and then I will be available to have an interview with them
    .................................................. .
    After all this happy talk I asked them - are you aware that I cannot vote yet ??? They said - NO , then excused themselves and said they were sorry for the mistake
    So , I missed the dinner with a president far as I understood - if I have a business here - my voting rights do not really matter
    I can imagine how much confusion is going on in the country .
    And how many people never said that they cannot vote yet .
    Maybe I should go there and say it later - I think it could be helpful
    " Do not compromise yourself . You are all you've got ." -Janice Joplin .

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    You are so right!

    Well, Hope that would have been the most expensive meal you would have ever eaten and it probably would have been rubber chicken and squeaky green beans. Standard issue. MRE's would have tasted better.

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