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Thread: Disgusting! CNN Adds the Word “Racial” to Trump’s Quote to Smear Him…

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    Disgusting! CNN Adds the Word “Racial” to Trump’s Quote to Smear Him…

    Jim Hoft Sep 19th, 2016 8:00 pm

    CNN smeared Donald Trump today by quoting him as saying “Racial Profiling” will stop terror.

    Trump never said this.

    But since when did the truth matter to the liberal media?

    Via Dilbert creator and persuasion expert Scott Adams:

    @CNN adds the word "racial" to Trump's quote. Deeply irresponsible. Crosses the line. #Trump

    — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) September 19, 2016

    Here’s more…

    .@CNN adds "racial" to #Trump's statement. Disgraceful. They're no longer hiding it. #HillarysHealth

    — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) September 20, 2016
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    I am so glad you posted this article Jean, because I heard both Trump's actual statements and then listened as CNN and others accused Trump of racial profiling. Bill O'Reilly tried it when Trump was on his show tonight but Trump corrected him. But Megyn Kelly on her show let it go when the Clinton surrogates were on, that economics professor from University of Chicago, can't remember his name. And also Sheppard Smith on Fox accused Trump of racial profiling, so Fox News is not the same Fox News it used to be. Some of their folks like Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith are definitely biased against Trump and are obviously Democrats who support Hillary. It is very frustrating that there is not one accurate unbiased major cable or network news station left in the United States that is capable of accurate non-biased reporting. A sad state of affairs if you ask me.

    Profiling is how you catch criminals. It is a standard law enforcement procedure. It is not "racial profiling", it's just profiling. If you're hunting down Radical Islamic Terrorists, you don't stake out the local Catholic or Southern Baptist Church, you stake out a Mosque.

    That economics professor from University of Chicago also accused Trump of wanting to "carpet bomb" civilian areas. Trump has never EVER used the term carpet bombing to refer to his ""bomb the hell out of them." It was Ted Cruz who used the term "carpet bomb" in his statements during the primary.
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