Don King Says Trump Needs to ‘Change the System’ to Beat Hillary, Republican Establishment ‘Back Stabbers’

18 Jul 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Legendary boxing promoter Don King tells Breitbart News that Donald Trump can defeat Hillary Clinton if he changes the rigged, corrupt political system in America.

Trump supporter King said that Trump cannot be controlled by political interests and must therefore continue to wage an anti-establishment campaign that throws out the old playbook.

“Change the system,” King said when asked what Trump must do in the general election. “Stick to that battle plan because his own party is now stabbing him in the back.”

“In the old days — I’m from Cleveland — in the old days if they spat in your face and the whole time they want to kick you in the face? Back stabbers.”

“They can’t control Donald so therefore they can’t buy him, they can’t intimidate him,” King said of the political establishment.

King then appealed to “all the women and all the people of color” to do their part to change the system because “It can’t get worse than it already is.”

By throwing out the system, King said that minorities can achieve a “better America.”

Trump’s populist nationalist campaign has created a haven here in Cleveland for different kinds of Republican supporters from all walks of life and has mostly expelled the Establishment forces that usually control Republican conventions.