Donald Trumpís Debate Boycott: Three Times The Media Coverage Of Other Seven Candidates

29 Jan 2016
Washington, DC

NBC, CBS and ABC spent 21 minutes Friday morning covering GOP frontrunner Donald Trumpís boycott of the Fox News GOP primary debate, ďwhile only managing 7 minutes for the GOP contenders who participated in the event,Ē according to the Media Research Center.

Media Research Centerís Kyle Drennen analyzed the morning television news coverage from the three networks and found:

While heavily skewed toward Trump, CBS provided the most balanced air time, giving the missing GOP frontrunner 8 minutes 30 seconds while providing 5 minutes 12 seconds to the debate.

Both NBC and ABC had nearly identical slanted coverage. Today gave Trump 6 minutes 2 seconds versus 1 minute 8 seconds to the debate. GMA had 6 minutes 31 seconds for Trump and only 1 minute 23 seconds for the debate.

Instead of attending the GOP debate, Trump held a fundraiser for veterans where he raised six million dollars, according to the Trump campaign.