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Thread: Is Donald Trump running as conservative? Let’s see…

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    Is Donald Trump running as conservative? Let’s see…

    Is Donald Trump running as conservative? Let’s see…

    • He wants to wipe out ISIS. Check.
    • He wants to rebuild our military. Check.
    • He wants to repeal ObamaCare. Check.
    • He’s for toughening the border and building a wall. Check.
    • He wants to take better care of our veterans. Check
    • He’s against political correctness. Check.
    • He fights with and against the liberal media. Check.
    • He’s for reigning in government spending. Check.
    • He’s supports tax cuts for the middle class. Check.
    • He opposes Common Core. Check.
    • He’s pro-Second Amendment. Check.
    • He wants to appoint a Scalia-like justice to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court. Check.
    • He’s pro-life. Check.
    • He speaks out against Christian persecution in the Middle East. Check.
    • He’s committed to beating Hillary like a drum in November. Check.

    “Ah,” but the Trump-hating Cruzers say, “you can’t believe him.”

    Yet we’re supposed to take to take the word of Ted Cruz, an Ivy League lawyer who’s spent his entire adult life in government and politics? Puh-lease.

    Let’s at least all agree on this…

    The GOP nominee for president this year should be either Trump or Cruz.

    Any convention shenanigans to the contrary should be met with pitchforks and torches - though short of a “riot.” We should leave that sort of thing to the Black Lives Matter folks.

    The GOP “Establishment” lost. Get over it.
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    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing. -Edmund Burke

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    Great article. I would just add that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the word "riot". The word riot has several definitions some which include violence and others that do not. It means uproar, upheaval and the slang everyday usage of the word means "raise hell". So, there is nothing at all wrong with using the word to describe what will happen if the Convention tries to steal this nomination from Donald Trump.

    Despite all the ploys and schemes, attacks and defamation against him, I think he's going to win the nomination before the Convention with at least 1237 committed delegates to his credit resulting in an automatic nomination on the first ballot.

    Americans who want to fix our trade deals, solve the immigration crisis, fix the federal budget, save Social Security and Medicare, replace ObamaCare with a privatized better voluntary system, and pursue peace through strength will vote for Donald Trump. Hopefully, there are still enough Americans in the Republican Party who want this for our country and will vote for the only candidate in the race who has the will and skills to do it and Make America Great Again.

    If not, then Americans will have lost their last chance to save our nation in our lifetimes. And if anyone thinks the next generation we see supporting Bernie Sanders can save this country, then you all better wake the hell up.
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    will win he has the back bone we all want for the wh . yes our country is in a mess we all know this & trump is the one that fix it I say the wh is afraid of trump he is not going to listen to anyone in the wh . he is going to get our county back come he is one tough guy
    good luck trump
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