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    Drug War: 8 Month Old Baby Girl Shot In The Head

    8-Month Old Baby Girl Shot In Head During Mexico Drug War Execution:

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

    Gunmen who opened fire and executed a man in his vehicle in the Trevino area of Monterrey last night left yet another innocent victim: eight month old Alejandra Del Angel, who was struck in the head with a bullet while being pushed in a stroller by her parents.

    According to information provided by a source close to the investigation, around 7:50 p.m. Tuesday the young couple set out walking with their baby to buy diapers at a nearby pharmacy. As they neared the store, the unthinkable happened: gunmen opened fire on the the driver of a passing black Atos.

    According to police sources, after hearing the gunfire, the young couple ducked and continued running with the stroller in search of safety.

    When they got to the the corner of Magellan and Galeana, the father, thinking they had survived the event unscathed, quickly lifted baby Alejandra from her stroller only to find her covered in blood and unconscious.

    The parents quickly found a taxi and took the baby to a nearby Red Cross clinic.

    The blood stained stroller was left abandoned in front of Super Pharmacy ISSSTE.

    Given the seriousness of the injury, paramedics reported baby Alejandra was taken by ambulance to University Hospital where she was admitted and reported to be in critical condition.

    The man killed in the vehicle was identified as 31 year old Edgar Israel Aguilar Silva.

    According to neighbors who knew him, the now deceased, lived near the corner of Guerrero and Magellan Streets.

    Witnesses said that at the time of the attack, Aguilar Silva was two blocks from his home. Additionally it was reported the victim's wife and five year old daughter who were behind him in another vehicle, witnessed the execution and apparently were unharmed.

    Neighbors in the area identified the now deceased man by his nickname "El Gallo". According to statements, he had his wife, ran a business dedicated to children's birthday parties and shows.


    In an interview outside of University Hospital, baby Alejandra's 20 year old mother, Irma del Angel, said at this time, medical specialists are not giving much hope.

    At this time, the only information she has been given is that a bullet, which had been lodged in baby Alejandra's brain, was removed during an operation that lasted several hours. The baby is now in intensive care.

    "They told me my baby was very ill and that they do not know if she will die. They said they cannot give me more information, or know her chances for survival because she has an infection in her brain caused by the bullet. We are waiting to see what happens in the coming hours.", said the young mother.

    Additionally, del Angel requested economic assistance from local authorities, stating "my husband works, I stay at home, but we don't have money. We came to Monterrey from Tantoyuca, Veracruz, three years ago, looking for a better life, but we have nowhere to turn.

    According to specialists, the next 72 hours will be crucial in deciding baby's Alejandra's fate. ... -execution
    When you aid and support criminals, you live a criminal life style yourself:

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    Horrible news.
    When you aid and support criminals, you live a criminal life style yourself:

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    very sad

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    this is completely uncalled for.

    disgusting that parents now have to bury and innocent 8 month old because of something they were not involved in

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