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Thread: Experts Agree: The Clinton Foundation Won’t Survive

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    Experts Agree: The Clinton Foundation Won’t Survive

    Experts Agree: The Clinton Foundation Won’t Survive

    November 10, 2016

    Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in the history of America. It took the powerful political skills of a true outsider like Donald Trump to defeat her, along with the political establishment and biased mainstream media.

    But now, the question remains: What happens to the Clinton Foundation? It first received its nonprofit status when started during the fundraising efforts for President Bill Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas. But the group quickly became the place for foreign dictators and despots to buy access to Hillary Clinton while serving as President Obama’s Secretary of State. The activities at the foundation are exactly why Clinton ran a private home email server- She didn’t want public record of the business deals she was making, which made her family wealthy.

    It was a money laundering operation which allowed unlimited foreign money into the American political process, and sold our government to the highest foreign bidder.

    Now, under a Trump administration, experts agree that the Foundation’s days are numbered:

    A former senior law enforcement official told The Daily Caller News Foundation Tuesday that all 10 FBI agents in the Little Rock field office who are assigned to public corruption cases are working full-time on the foundation. The Clinton Foundation was founded in 1997 in the Arkansas capital for the sole purpose of building and operating the Clinton Presidential Library. New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C., are the other FBI offices in the probe.

    Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova, who pursued many corruption cases, told TheDCNF, “there is a mountain of credible evidence that the foundation was being improperly run, had not filed appropriate filings with the IRS and state agencies. It’s clearly involved in a bribery conspiracy scandal with the Department of State.”

    DiGenova believes a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate the foundation, adding, “I don’t think there’s any doubt it should be shut down.”

    Matthew Whitaker, another former U.S. Attorney, thinks Clinton’s actions at the State Department on behalf of Clinton Foundation donors require close attention. Whitaker is executive director of the non-profit government watchdog, The Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust.

    “I think we need to be concerned that between 2009 to 2013, it appears the Clinton Foundation donors were given special access to the State Department. Somebody needs to look at every transaction and see if it was used for an improper purpose and potentially illegal unethical purposes,” Whitaker told TheDCNF. “They obviously need to get their house in order, to be more transparent about where the money is coming from, where the money’s going, and not try to play shenanigans with their reporting to agencies.”

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn expects multiple congressional hearings on the foundation. “I think you’re going to see judiciary and government reform committees do their work on it,” she told TheDCNF. Blackburn, who launched a series of congressional inquiries into the foundation, said state attorneys general should also be involved. State attorneys general typically have jurisdiction in any state where the Clinton Foundation solicited funds.

    Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican who is vice chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, said the Clinton Foundation should reform itself or go out of business.

    “The foundation should be given an opportunity to either to come into compliance with the law or shut their doors,” she said.

    Hillary Clinton broke America’s laws and threatened our national security. Outside of this election, it’s clear that she deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Short of Presidential pardon, nothing should stop Hillary from Felony criminal convictions.

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    I don't think Bill Clinton would have survived being back in the limelight. I bet there are any number of accusations just waiting for the light of day. Would have been very embarassing.
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