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    Fatal political dynamic Progressives and Progressive Marxists Restoring the Republic

    Fatal political dynamic Progressives and Progressive Marxists

    Restoring the Republic

    By Sandy Stringfellow (Bio and Archives) Monday, November 4, 2013

    For all truly objective students of history
    The Founders and Framers were heaven sent
    Scholars, philosophers and principled statesmen
    Most thoughtful, insightful and circumspect

    As they formed an exceptional new nation
    By refusing to remain the kingís subjects
    Seeking historical wisdom from the likes of
    Charles de Montesquieu, John Locke and Adam Smith

    Careful to avoid an outright democracy
    A system seen as having numerous defects
    Far preferring one of genuine self-governance
    They agreed on a Constitutional Republic

    A government composed of three separate branches
    The judicial, legislative, and executive
    To prevent the usurpation of our precious liberty
    By Autocrats spewing lies and invective

    For human behavior has revealed throughout time
    A craven nature often coveting power and wealth
    Narcissistic obsessions and delusional compulsions
    Accomplished through subterfuge and stealth

    The Framersí concerns were quite prescient
    The current state of our nation has clearly proved it
    Ruling class elites and their glib apparatchiks
    Have no interest in Restoring the Republic

    Progressive Marxists have planned our destruction
    Infiltrating institutions over the last century
    Their ideological rote was our gradual transformation
    To Utopian Workers sharing in equal misery

    Today we witness their determined culmination
    After decades of employing indoctrination tricks
    We must endeavor to reverse their insidious process
    To have any prayer of Restoring the Republic

    Progressive Marxists violate every precept
    Of human individuality and our spiritual makeup
    Viewing mankind instead as cogs in a wheel
    Subject to their pseudo-intellectual cosmic justice

    Progressive Republicans and Democrats help out
    Thus sharing a similar kind of treasonous pit
    Content with growing an ever-expanding government
    As long as they reap the wealth from controlling it

    Slimy Laurel Boehner and Hardy McConnell
    Along with corporatist cronies continue to get rich
    As do King Barry and his Progressive Marxist chums
    While America grapples with Restoring the Republic

    These Progressives and Progressive Marxists
    Share contempt they seek to disguise and deflect
    Remaining arrogant, unrepentant and drunk with power
    They loathe and detest our founding documents

    With lives chock full of avarice and corruption
    Playing high-stakes games using inside-beltway scams
    They intone empty oaths to protect our Republic
    Ignoring the Rule of Law for the Rule of Man

    How do we alter a fatal political dynamic
    Progressives and Progressive Marxists hand and hand
    Mark Levinís new book The Liberty Amendments
    Shines a light on the Framersí alternative plan

    As the debates took place during ratification
    Some of the Framers saw trouble down the line
    George Mason and several of the other statesmen
    Stood fast for the inclusion of Article V

    Enough comprehended how real the danger
    Of centralized power and its tendency to infect
    All but a most moral and disciplined public servant
    Even before Progressives and Progressive Marxists

    The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin
    Is a harbinger exposing treasonous political intent
    As well as a guidepost for what must be done
    If weíre to be successful in Restoring the Republic

    We wonít win by illiterate venting of frustration
    Unless itís tyranny we seek to promote and genuflect
    Learning to speak about our Constitution and the Framers
    Is a discipline necessary for Restoring the Republic 

    © Sandy Stringfellow/2013

    Sandy Stringfellow is a writer and musician with an interest in history, economics, and politics.
    A fifth generation Floridian, he was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida.
    From an early age he developed a fascination with music, eventually playing in a variety of local bands.
    Sandy continued to write as he made his living in the fields of commercial carpentry and retail sales. In 2001 one he established a home studio, where he records his songs. His music is available at
    He is currently employed driving tractor/semi-trailer combinations around Florida. Sandy can be reached on Facebook.
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    Excellent post. Although Mark Levin's book The Liberty Amendments has given us long term goals and strategy, we have at present, day to day battles that must be fought and won if Levin's vision for liberty is ever going to become reality. We need stop Obama NOW before his policies to promote and preserve despotism become institutionalized. Then it will become impossible to peacefully enact Levin's Liberty Amendments.

    Every patriot needs to look into the mirror. Look at the person you see and ask yourself, am I really doing everything possible to stop Obama? Words educate and inspire and motivate but nothing changes without ACTION. Patriots, what activities are you engaged in right NOW to stop Obama?

    In the future will you be able to look into the faces of those you love and honestly say, "I tried with all my might; I have done all I can do. If tyranny wins it will not be by default, not because of what I did not do, but inspire of me; If tyranny wins, it will not be because I ran away, but because I was knocked down and rolled over. Whatever happens, I tried -- God knows I tried.” Your battle should be the real legacy you give to your children. Whatever the future world may be like, they will be proud of you and what you have done. Is this not how you want to be remembered?

    Operation American Spring. Be in Washington DC on 16 May 2014 to demand the resignation of Obama, Eric (The Thug) Holder and Obama's Marxist junta. Demand they leave town and never return.


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