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    Feds Guard Illegal Alien Shelter Better Than Border

    Feds Guard Illegal Alien Shelter Better Than Border

    "Today is a different day," cop says

    by Kit Daniels | | July 10, 2014

    Federal agents in Murrieta, California, with the help of local police, are guarding an illegal alien shelter better than America’s border.

    The shelter, which is officially a Border Patrol processing center, was the center of mass protests last week when residents turned back buses carrying illegal aliens into the city, and today police erected barricades and pushed back peaceful protestors from public areas.
    When Infowars asked one police sergeant why the areas were being closed off, he simply said “today is a different day.”
    Border Patrol agents tried to stop Infowars from filming inside an area on the side of the road surrounded by traffic cones, but when a mainstream media outlet placed a news camera on a tripod in the center of the area, three agents simply watched without saying a word.
    The crowd outside the station protesting illegal immigration were surprised by the measures taken by the feds.
    “They should be blocking off the border instead of the station from us because we’re not going to do anything,” said Lindsey, who drove to the protest from Thousand Oaks, Cali. “We’re not going to charge in there.”

    She also thought that the surveillance helicopter circling overhead was excessive.
    “We’re not out here to do anything wrong,” she added.
    Another member of the crowd said the feds were treating the people unfairly.
    “They allow these illegals to come here and do what they want, but yet we can’t step on the pavement, we’re ordered beyond the line and beyond the cones,” he said to citizen-journalist Rob Garza. “This is public property and a public right-of-way and we have every right to be on that road [next to the border station.]”
    Another man, Kyler, thought that the Border Patrol agents were protecting the station better than the border.
    “They’ve got an entire tent out there with the cops and Border Patrol, just sitting out there waiting – guarding – the entire road to the station,” he said. “It looks like they are there to defend the station like we’re going to attack it.”
    “It’s ridiculous.”
    He also pointed out that La Raza, who were demonstrating down the road, had less police assigned to them, which bothered him.
    “The police are over here watching us with American flags, which is very uncomfortable,” he stated. “It feels like they are against us and not against the people who are here to intimidate us.”
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    It was to be expected. It should not be that way, but this is not surprising. Letters etc, from government representatives when I wrote about my son's experience were always suggestive that it was I who did not understand. Well, I don't understand but it is the way America has been since 1990, at least. Whether writing a dem or repub after reading their response I felt as if I had got in the way, and that was when I had a good feeling about their letter.

    Only suggestion I can offer, get used to it, it has been this way for some time. Not enjoyable, but bearable.

    The USA is not necessarily a nice place for some Americans. I always ask, Why? I truly believe it is because our political system is abused at best, broken all to hell at worst. It is probably broken, but broken beyond all to hell..

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