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    Following the Money – Campaign Moves, The CoC/Wall Street Roadmap, and Candidate Expe

    Following the Money – Campaign Moves, The CoC/Wall Street Roadmap, and Candidate Expectations…

    Posted on August 8, 2015 by sundance

    Many people are wondering how it’s possible to track the CoC/Wall Street Jeb Bush election strategy, outlined here. While I usually don’t post these types of research material links (it can get rather wonky), perhaps this will assist readers in understanding what leads to our road-map.

    Since the advent of the Citizens United decision, the GOPe affiliates have used Super-Pacs to fund political candidates.

    Unfortunately, this means you don’t get to see the actual donors to those PAC’s – which means there’s an additional curtain to the donor.

    The development of, and refinement of, this strategy (which took place in ’11, ’12, ’13, ’14) is also why you’ll never see another grand election shift like the Tea Party accomplished in 2010.

    The professional political class simply don’t need you, me, or our money, any more.

    Small donations are now only a matter of keeping up an appearance. Hence they now ask you to purchase a $1 or $3 trinket.

    Get a couple thousand of those via handy cell phone aps, and that helps mask the fact that only a few donors are actually funding the entire campaign.

    When they need you to vote, they’ll ring a bell – Dems will use social issue fear strategy (abortion, war on women, race etc.); the GOP will use the fear strategy involving gun control, or, oh this one is really good, the repeal of ObamaCare! – Your job is to show up to the polls, pull lever, get temporary relief pellet and simply go away and shut up.

    This self-interest financing process is what the CoC/Wall Street (Tom Donohue) decided to use in the fall of 2013 and Spring of 2014 for the 2016 Presidential election cycle which began a few months ago.

    Two out of every three dollars (66%) used on campaigns comes via the allowed Super-PAC spending program. This, by necessity and plan, has removed the need for smaller political donations and has contributed greatly to the success of the professional political class (incumbency) retaining their seats (see 2014 GOPe success).

    Oddly, it’s also why candidates like Hillary and Bush don’t need people like Donald Trump any more.

    Wall Street has much bigger check writing capability than Main Street millionaires or even billionaires. And the benefit from U.S. political policy is more significant amid the Wall Street globalists. (see TPP trade deal)

    The candidates themselves don’t even know where the money originates, because by law the candidates are not allowed to have contact with their Super-PAC. Silly, perhaps, but that’s the current campaign finance law, and don’t look for it to change any time soon.

    As a weird outcome, if an unscrupulous group, say perhaps like The US CoC, or Koch Brothers, or even a labor union like AFL-CIO, UAW, AFSCME, SEIU, UFCW wanted to keep someone in the race for an ulterior reason/scheme, they could simply fund the assigned Super-PAC, prop up the selected candidate until they were no longer needed.

    Or if a big candidate wanted to fund a smaller candidate, to achieve a specific outcome,… say, splitting the vote in a particular state away from a competitor, the same funding mechanism is also possible. C’mon ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, enter the race, it’ll be fun – we really need you.

    [See: Kasich, Graham, Perry, Pataki, Gilmore, Christie and obviously Rubio – Noting the strategically timed, and/or high electoral states of: Ohio, Texas, New York, Virginia, New Jersey, South Carolina and of course, Florida] Strange how none of the later dated primary states ever seem to generate 2016 candidates – huh, funny that. {never-mind}

    Who the hell is Gilmore anyway; and Pataki or Kasich – really? Now. 2016?

    The convenient legal curtain also affords the candidates (real or planted) plausible deniability, as in:”I think I have a chance“; and somewhat avoids the accountability of willful blindness: “How dare you, I’m my own man/woman – I really think I can win” etc…. “boy those little triangle sandwiches, sure are delicious“…

    Got it? Good, here we go:

    TED CRUZ – A super PAC aiming to help Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win the Republican presidential nomination raised from a single donor nearly as much as the candidate’s formal campaign raised in three months.

    A $10 million donation from Toby Neugebauer is the largest contribution so far to any of the candidate-specific super PACs. Neugebauer is an energy investor in Texas and the son of GOP Rep. Randy Neugebauer. The money went to Keep the Promise II, one of several similarly named super PACs all working to help elect Cruz.

    The Wilks family in Texas pooled together for a $15 million gift to a second pro-Cruz super PAC. Brothers Farris and Dan Wilks made billionaire lists by getting into the booming shale gas industry. (link)

    A super PAC supporting former tech executive Carly Fiorina’s run reported raising $3.5 million — with a half-million dollar lift from a super PAC supporting GOP presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.).

    The pro-Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise I, reported the disbursement Friday in a document filed with the Federal Election Commission. That is…unusual, to say the least. (link)

    Wait, Ted Cruz gave money to Carly Fiorina.

    Huh, funny that.

    Maybe we should be looking a little closer at Carly. She’s so good, even her competing candidates want to keep her in the race.

    Carly Fiorina on Immigration:
    Pass the DREAM Act. For other undocumented immigrants, a direct path to citizenship is unfair. While running for the U.S. Senate in California in 2010, Fiorina said she supports the DREAM Act, which would give legal status to people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

    Carly Fiorina on Climate change: It is real and manmade. But government has limited ability to address it. Speaking in New Hampshire in February, Fiorina said there is scientific consensus that climate change is real and caused by humans.

    Carly Fiorina on Education: Supports Common Core – Set national standards but give local districts maximum control. No Child Left Behind was positive. In a position paper while running for the U.S. Senate in California, Fiorina strongly advocated for metric-based accountability in schools. She praised No Child Left Behind as setting high standards and Race to the Top for using internationally-benchmarked measures.

    She, along with Jeb, seem to remind people their state can always “opt out”. Yet they always seem to skip the whole part about national standard being tied to the federal funding allocation. Meaning education funding blackmail – “Opt out, and you don’t get the funds”… but you can always “opt out”.
    …”Nice school you got there, it’d be a shame if anything happened to it”….
    Wait, Carly (who said Mitt Romney talked her into running) Fiorina, supports Man-Made Global Warming, Common Core -AND- the Dream Act, and Ted Cruz is giving her money? Oh well, they must just be great friends n’ stuff – meh.

    Moving on…..


    TD Ameritrade’s billionaire founder Joe Ricketts {INSERT BIG FLASHY WALL STREET SIGNAL HERE}, his wife, Marlene, and their son Todd together gave just over $5 million to a super PAC supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Republican presidential ambitions. The Ricketts family owns the Chicago Cubs. Diane Hendricks, the billionaire executive of a wholesale roofing company headquartered in Wisconsin, also wrote a $5 million check.

    Those donors accounted for half of the money raised by the pro-Walker super PAC, called Unintimidated.

    Richard Uihlein and his wife, Elizabeth, gave $2.5 million. In recent years, Uihlein moved his packaging supply company, Uline, entirely out of Illinois and into Wisconsin because of tax incentives.

    We all know who’s running that Super-PAC don’t we?

    That would be Brad Dayspring, of Mississippi race-baiting and ‘lets-pay-democrats-to vote-in-the-GOP primary’ fame. Hey, it worked, thanks to Dayspring we have Thad Cochran in the senate. A real harbinger of conservatism that Cochran fellow.

    Marco Rubio

    Million-dollar donors also featured prominently in the super PAC supporting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential bid. Miami-based automobile dealer Norman Braman gave $5 million; Besilu Stables LLC, owned by Miami health care executive Benjamin Leon, gave $2.5 million.

    In total, the group Conservative Solutions pulled in about $16 million, including a $3 million gift from Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

    Hey, are we allowed to wonder why a first term senator with no accumulated wealth, and a family, with kids, would give up his Senate seat – in a really risky run for President – without a financial safety net?

    Is that ok to ask?

    Then there’s Mike Huckabee

    A lone local donor also is propping up the super PAC supporting former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Of the $3.6 million raised by Pursuing America’s Greatness, 83 percent came from Ronald Cameron, chief executive of Arkansas-based Mountaire Corp., one of the country’s largest poultry companies.

    Poultry companies hired lots of workers no? Workers cost money no? I’ll bet Cameron isn’t worried about illegal immigration too much. And as a CoC member, it’s not like comprehensive immigration reform to include amnesty is an agenda item of Tom Donohue or anything right? No, wait, wha….

    Evangelical voting block – Move along, move along, nothing to see here folks….

    Moving on. Let’s check out another Wall Street tycoon

    Lindsey Graham
    Meanwhile, Manhattan-based Access Industries, an international holding company led by Len Blavatnik, one of the world’s wealthiest men, gave $1 million to a pro-Walker super PAC and $500,000 to one supporting the longshot presidential ambitions of South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

    Now why would long-shot Lindsey Graham even be in the race. Let’s see…. Iowa, New Hampshire.. then South Carolina. Oh yeah, huh – funny that. And who would benefit from splitting up those SC primary votes.

    Lemme think….

    Jeb Bush
    Right to Rise, a super PAC helping Republican former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is backed by two dozen donors who have given $1 million or more. Miguel “Mike” Fernandez, a Miami health care investor, made the biggest contribution at just over $3 million.

    Four Texas couples who built fortunes from the oil and gas industry are also among the biggest donors, with each couple contributing $2 million: Trevor and Jan Rees-Jones, Ray and Nancy Hunt, Richard and Nancy Kinder, and Hushang and Shahla Ansary.

    Another highlight of the Right to Rise donor list is corporate money. Four dozen corporations or organizations gave a total of more than $16 million to the super PAC, or about 15 percent of its overall haul.

    The largest corporate contribution was $2 million from Rooney Holdings, a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based construction company. San Francisco-based American Pacific International Capital Inc., an investor and developer with projects in the United States and China, gave $1.3 million.

    Another roughly $1 million gift came from Juno Beach, Florida-based Nextera Energy Inc., a large energy company that operates in 27 states and Canada. The company owns Florida Power and Light, the largest electric company in the state, where Bush was governor. The charitable trust for the U.S. Sugar Corporation, a sugar-cane producer based in Florida, gave $505,000.

    Mr. Wall Street himself.

    Show face in Iowa, shoot for a second or third place in New Hampshire, a decent position in South Carolina, split Texas ‘tween Perry, Cruz and his-own-self and then go for the gold in:

    100 winner-take-all delegates
    , with help from Rubio and smaller fragments.

    Then all that’s needed is to make sure Ohio (Kasich-splitter), New York (Pataki-splitter), and Virginia (Gilmore-splitter) split up come S-u-p-e-r D-u-p-e-r Tuesday.

    The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in the case Citizens United made it clear that corporations and unions can contribute in unlimited ways to political races, so long as that money comes through outside groups that are not directly coordinated with the candidates.

    Corporations and unions remain legally barred from giving to the official campaigns of the candidates.

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