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Thread: Foreign Insurgents Declare Victory

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    Foreign Insurgents Declare Victory

    Foreign Insurgents Declare Victory

    From the Trenches World Report
    August 17th, 2012
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    by Henry Shively
    Young insurgents all around our country took to the streets yesterday to line up for amnesty. Apparently you go in the front door a foreign felon and come out the back door with more rights than any American national in our generation has known. And still this is not enough.

    Now we are supposed to start shedding tears for their parents who brought them here illegally and are here right now illegally, working our jobs illegally, sucking off our safety net, taking up our childrenís seats in our colleges.

    But this is really no surprise. Treason out in the open for all to see is the order of the day.

    Then we have to listen to the insurgents within our government telling us we need to do more for these foreigners as the commentators from the special interest groups are saying that the majority of Americans support the illegal invasion and want to give their jobs, their homes, their food, their education, and their health care to these peoples of other countries.

    These foreign nationals are afforded the spotlight while millions of former middle class American nationals, with their children, are living in tent cities and eating out of garbage dumpsters. If this does not instill anger in you, you are not only cowardly, but a traitor to your people.

    Twice we whipped the Mexicans out of our country and now they stand poised to conquer us without even firing a shot.

    This internal insurgency must be put down and the international socialists that orchestrated it destroyed. They are so few in number compared to us as to be laughable.

    How they continue to remain can only be explained as laziness and neglect. Those ready to fight are drained of resources and those with resources are trying to turn their backs, thinking that if they just go along it wonít happen to them.


    These international dirt bags want everything.

    They want every American national dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made a slave. So I am sorry, but your lives are going to have to be disrupted because we the American people of the American race are the oppressed majority. So get off the fence or get on the other side. You are either with us or against us. We are all going to have to suffer a little bit here. And you are next.

    As for the neo-cons and soviet socialists in these pathetic little crowds coming out for Romney and Obama, we have taken note and understand. You are the enemy and will be given no quarter when your masters begin to fall.

    In short, it is time for everybody to pick a side here and let the games begin.

    God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.
    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

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    WTH were these writers 12 yars ago. I wrote GWB about the problems with illegal immigration a few months after his inauguration. He wrote back, over his original signature, and told me that immigration was good for the country. I never said a word about immigration in my letter. That guy was so sharp that he could not read and understand the written word. I never offered any objection to anything but illegal immigration. (And the country voted to trust him to interpret intelligence reports. I thought of that immediately after reading his letter.) The writer of this article is right in the implication that alien insurgency is not a problem of administrations or Congresses, it is a problem with ourselves because we have not elected responsible adminstrations from either party or parties.

    United States unity has been fractured by demands from an attitude of "me first." The insurgents have just mimicked that attitude, go to America and get in the front of the line. We have to reverse that attitude in the general population and the aliens.

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