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    France and French peoples

    Hello Friend,

    I'm a french citizen who cam in this country because I LOVE it.
    Our history and culture are very close and common, don't forgot us, we are your friend and real french peoples love you guys.
    We have the same problem with islamic immigration in Europe and believe me , one big difference is RELIGION.

    Perhaps , It;s true that some mexicans came here for try to get back what they think it's theyre land but the majority are christian family hard working peoples, never forget that .
    The real evil come from more far east, believe me I grew up with them in the south of France.
    For sure we have to seal the border , but for the people here , please

    Just background check and allegance to the flag suppose to be enough for let them stay and contribute to our society.

    By the way,

    I came in this country legally in 1996 , in 2001 my renewal was denied, I'm illegal , I own my house , I have 2 succesfull business ,my son is american, my 4 kids goes to private school

    I hope do be able to live in the land of the free without fear one day

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    This is interesting since the illegals I deal with just walked in to Texas.

    I assume you were here on a visa - what was the purpose of that visa?

    Why was your visa denied?
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    Sorry frenchy,

    French, Irish, Chinese, Mexican, etc., all need to go. It doesn't matter if you snuck across the border or came here with a legal visa and let it expire.

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    The Trouble is that most people realize that Mexicans have no experience or knowlege in standing up against their government. It takes a lot of courage to participate in elections, and to fight for that.

    The Catholics in the U.S. are different than Catholics outside of the U.S. Most of the time, the Vatican teaches the people to shut up and take orders and NOT to be involved in Politics. That is one of the reasons why the Catholic Church almost always makes agreements to support those who are in power: it is easier for the Vatican leadership to rule over the people.

    In the 1980s, a few of the Jesuits in Central America decided to go against corruption and the strong power of corrupt government. There is theology to address this, but they had no experience with this.

    The result was that the Jesuit Priests turned to resistance based on Communism (known as Liberation Theology). That demonstrates that there is very little theology in the Catholic Church that speaks out AGAINST Tyranny, and against governments that oppress peope. So the point is that nations that have Roman Catholic majorities almost always allow their rights to be taken away. Mexicans are no exception.

    PRI, the main party in Mexico ran a state of corruption for the past 75 years with the Active help of the Catholic Church. They are out of power is some ways but still active behind the scenes.

    It is sad to say but the Catholic Church often works against the interests of the people because they have their own interests with the state. Even in the U.S., the position of Catholic Church is to support the Illegal Invasion.

    Regular Catholics are good people, but the problems with the Catholic Church demonstrate that it seems to favor concentrations of power, and telling the people to shut up.

    It is true that Islam in many ways is much worse, and favors a culture of death, and that they have had more than 1000 years of Islam and all they have to show for it is Sand. But what you may not realize is that the Islamists are very active in Mexico and Latin America. They work with many Illegal invasion groups, and the Illegal Invasion movement (Aztlan) is very pro-Islam and says so in many many places on the Websites that favor Illegal Invasion.

    What this means is that the very theory of allowing the Mexicans to be here, will lead to Less power in the hands of average Americans, and it will have a Consequence of encouraging more Mexicans to turn to Islam because most people, over here, are still not addressing the issues of the violence of the religion itself.

    Let's be brutally honest: THe Only thing that matters is when you force Politicians to STOP and PAY Attention to You. Its time to think about ways to do that.

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    Sorry, frenchy. Much as I might like you/your family very much if you were my neighbor, my loyalty to the U.S. comes before -any- immigrant...especially an illegal one!

    Now to be fair, if you haven't broken any laws (other than perhaps a traffic ticket or something as harmless), I do NOT condone armed agents kicking in you door at 3:00 in the morning, wrecking your house and scarring your kids for life.

    BTW: does this sound familiar (i.e. the Gonzales kid?)

    But no matter how you plead your case, the United States gave you permission to come here for a specific amount of time with a specific visa. Said visa has expired, and you either need to go of your own free will or someone will have the unpleasant task of dragging you to the airport.

    Maybe you're hoping to slip through the cracks. I don't knowl I can't read your mind...but I can trace your IP address...and perhaps give a helpful hint or two to the local police. Actually anyone here could probably do that with a little studying and a halfway decent machine.

    If you want my advice, don't wait till the law enforcement comes knocking. That gets really messy (legally and otherwise), stuff gets wrecked, and feelings get seriously hurt. Don't make agents do your packing for you - they aren't very good at it, either.

    Read or yellow, black or white, you're illegal in our sight,
    Jesus blesses those who follow all the laws!

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    Free Ramos and Compean NOW!

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    Re: France and French peoples

    Quote Originally Posted by frenchy
    Our history and culture are very close and common, don't forgot us, we are your friend and real french peoples love you guys.
    Really?!!! Huh?
    Deportacion? Si Se Puede!

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    Let me commend you for your post here, you are indeed an asset to our site! Let me also thank you for rebuidiing my faith in the young people in our land. Before I came to this site I thought most young people to be selfish and totally wrapped up in thier video games and each other, You make Nitty feel ashamed for judging our young people as I once did. I hope there are thousands more of that has your integrity,commonsense, and a deep feeling of patriotism. You also show much insight, because you are right on, to this illegal immigrant in this post! He is a law breaker, taking advantage of a country that trusted him to do the right thing, we can see here that we cannot use the honor system with these people, because when it comes to doing the right thing, they have shown theirselves to have no personal honor or integrity! I have no fight with legal immigrants, they are all welcome, to those of you who are illegal, you are not a citizen of this country and you should go home and have the initive to change your own country more to your liking then to try to make our country conform to your standards. I would like to as Mr. Frenchman, how can you treat our country with total desregard of our laws when so many of our brave patriots lie in graves in your land giving up their lives so you might have freedom in your own country? Is that how they are repaid? One of my biggest sorrows in this life is that our soldiers have to lie in foreign soil instead of being brought home to the land they died for what a shame. Go home Mr Frenchman and come back the legal way and NittyGritty will welcome you with open arms.
    Build the dam fence post haste!

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    Frenchy, I can appreciate the fact that some French appreciate the Americans still, however, it is generally understood that the majority of the French have forgotten all about the many American soldiers that died for them over there. They have forgotten about the sacrifices America made, in WWI and WWII. My family lost men in France, in both wars.

    I would never suggest you are one of those.

    As for the issue of now being illegal, I am sorry, but laws are laws, and they must be obeyed. If you are out of status, you have the choice to try again with the U.S. government, or leave if they say so. You could attempt to get permission again from France and explain that you left behind a wife, children, a home and business.

    I am not a lawyer or ICE/INS agent and am unable to say if they will help, thye might, but you have to ask.

    We hope you will do the right thing and get our countries permission to stay or leave and try from France. It is a suggestion I would make to anyone who is foreign to our land and wishes to abide by the laws, it is something we esteem highly here, for all to lawfully enter and stay lawfully, as well as show their loyalty to America and assimilate to us.
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