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Thread: German woman threatened with eviction to make way for refugees

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    To everybody:

    The problem is not that Jose has six children. The problem is that Jose has six kids when he lives in a third world crap hole country where he can only afford to have one child. It is not the number of people, it is a society that is full of ignorance, from its rulers to the peasants who have no idea why they are starving. And God have mercy on us because these people are flooding into our country and the Democrats and Marxist will see to it that very soon they will be voting.

    As the great Milton Friedman (economic advisor Ronald Reagan) has written, economic prosperity is firmly linked to personal freedom. Governments do not make wealth, they can only create the conditions that allow people the freedom to create wealth for themselves and thus one by one the entire nation collectively becomes prosperous.

    Chinais no exception. Although it is adictatorship, in economic activities it allows the independent economic activities necessary for wealth creation. Although it gets confusing because of many variations of the types of government interference in economic activities, the core principles remain true. In the US today we have a fascistic economy where technically there is private ownership of companies but the government controls almost all important business activities. Huge corporations have become intertwined with government, one feeding off of the other.

    And we can see the results of restricted economic freedom because of this government, corporation monolith; the middle class is being drive out of existence.

    It is this unholy alliance, this bastardization of free enterprise, this “crony capitalism,” that is driving the dissolution of our nation with massive illegal and legal immigration.
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    That's mostly true! But it does matter how many children Jose has. It matters if he can't support them and requires others to support them for him. Supply and demand works in all things, not just goods and services. Supply and demand works with wages and homes and savings and yes, population. It's a law of the universe, it applies to humans the same as it applies to the animal kingdom. Overpopulation of any species is a death sentence to many and a threat of extinction for the entire species.

    When people live and reproduce within their means, everyone both survives and prospers. When people live and reproduce beyond their means, people die and everyone suffers.
    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
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