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    Victim, 29, says he's 'very sad' at Arab assault

    Published: 5 hours ago

    Refugees flooding Germany in recent weeks.

    Oh, the irony. An open borders activist, identified only as Julius G., age 29, was just stabbed by a group of Arab refugees – the very type of people he’s supported in his ongoing campaign for civil rights and equal justice.

    Germany’s Bild-Zeitung said police were recently alerted to an attack at Alaunstrabe involving six or eight Arab men against the 29-year-old victim, a student at the Technical University of Dresden.

    “Several police vans searched the surrounding area, unfortunately without success,” police said, Breitbart reported. “According to witnesses, the attackers were said to be North Africans.”

    The victim, Julius G., said to the Bild-Zeitung he didn’t have a clue about the motive for his assault.

    “I don’t know [why] I was attacked,” he said. “I waited opposite the pizzeria for two friends who were buying something to eat after we had left the pub and were on our way home.”

    He said the attackers didn’t steal anything from him, and he explained how he spends his free time rallying and pressing for rights of refugees.

    “It makes me very said that I was attacked by precisely this group,” he said, Breitbart reported.

    This isn’t the first time a reported human rights and pro-refugee activist has been attacked by those on the receiving end of the benefits of the campaigns. As Breitbart reported, a woman working on the French-Italian border on behalf of refugees and open borders was attacked by a gang of Sudanese men.


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    No hiding the fact they are there to take over. Germans, Swedes (they pay 45% of their paycheck for taxes, seniors have to pay a lot of out of pocket medical and dental fees yet are living on @ $600 a month), rapes, can't walk your dog as the muslims will drive up on the pavement after you. And the Danes complain also they have no jobs, no police protection. As mentioned in another post, Germany said they will have many unarmed police as they do not have the monies for training of gun carrying police. If they don't have money, jobs, WHY TAKE THESE WELFARE BUMS INTO YOUR COUNTRY? As mentioned in their press, half are INBRED and will produce more inbreds with mental issues - they will be overpopulating like crazy, everything is FREE. Also mentioned in a post here is the child rape by fathers and uncles in central America - inbred galore and look how violent central America is & O is letting them in to stay and bring their families eventually.

    How convenient for the arabs & muslims - an EU government connected take over. USA's takeover is gov't connected too.

    The man that was tripped by a cameraman last month has a job in Spain, their unemployment rate is of 48% for youths and 26 % overall, yet he found a job.

    We see that here with the southern countries marching right in and given job preference, health care, criminals released, drivers licenses and voting rights starting now too and visa'd foreigners with the other % of new jobs since O has been in office - no American citizens benefiting from new job growth. Guess the same puppet master for USA & EU. The amount of deceit by O & bush is over the top and has been the downturn of America. Iraqis started killing Christians shortly after Sadam was killed. Sadam & Gadafi knew how to keep their people under control. Trump could turn this around - hope he wins.
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    6 Oct 2015

    A young, female ‘No Borders’ activist working in a migrant camp on the France-Italy border remained silent about her gang rape by Sudanese migrants for over a month because “the others asked me to keep quiet.”

    Colleagues are alleged to have said that reporting the crime would set back their struggle for a borderless world.

    The ‘No Borders’ activist had dedicated a month of her life to helping migrants. Her group was stationed between Italy and France in Ponte San Ludovico in Ventimiglia when the atrocity occurred, according to reports from local papers La Stampa and Il Secolo XIX, and now reported in the major Italian national Corriere Della Serra.

    One Saturday night, as loud music played at a nearby party, the woman was reportedly trapped in a shower block set up near the camp in a pine forest know as Red Leap.

    A gang of African migrants allegedly raped her there, and her cries for help are said to have gone unheard because of the music.

    La Stampa reports that the woman, around 30 years of age, would have reported the horrific crime were if not for her fellow left-wing activists, who convinced her that if the truth got out it could damage their utopian dream of a world without borders. But Corriere Della Serra also reports that some of her fellow activists are now accusing the woman of reporting the rape out of “spite,” because her group was withdrawn from the camp following a separate controversy.

    The town of Ventimiglia, where the alleged crime occurred, has been a flashpoint in the ongoing migrant crisis.

    On the 30th September around 50 migrants and 20 activists were cleared from an illegal camp there. The activists organised a protest, whereby 250 migrants conducted a “sit in” on the shoreline.

    Yesterday, Osman Suliman, 20, a Sudanese asylum seeker who had been in the UK for just five months, appeared in court.
    He was charged with the rape of a Nottingham woman last weekend, the 26th of September, The Nottingham Post reports.

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    More on the Italian migrant camp and the activists there.
    Police clear migrant camp on France-Italy border

    By Vincent-Xavier Morvan
    September 30, 2015 1:48 PM

    .View gallery

    Ventimiglia (Italy) (AFP) - Italian police cleared a migrant camp on Italy's border with France on Wednesday, forcing the occupants to leave the area after a last-ditch protest on the shores of the Mediterranean.
    The camp of around 50 people at Ventimiglia -- the town which became a flashpoint at the start of Europe's migrant crisis earlier this year -- was cleared because its occupants were using electricity and water without paying for it, a police spokesman said.
    Some 30 migrants and 20 Italian activists, who had been given advance notice of the evacuation, moved to rocks on the shoreline before the police arrived, deputy police chief Giuseppe Maggese told AFP.
    The protesters refused to budge from their perch for most of the day, only agreeing to be taken by bus to a reception centre after the intervention of the bishop of Ventimiglia.
    The activists were to be interviewed later by police.
    The sit-in began after police moved to close down the makeshift camp, which held up to 250 people at one point according to local officials.
    View gallery

    The camp holds up to 250 people depending on the day, according to local officials, who said a numbe …

    A cordon of about 30 policemen fanned out along the shoreline in front of the migrants, some of whom threatened to jump into the sea, while others held up a banner in English reading: "We want freedom to cross the border."
    - 'Camp was illegal' -
    Ventimiglia has become a flashpoint in an increasingly bitter war of words between European countries over what to do with the thousands of migrants landing on their doorstep, fleeing war, poverty and persecution.
    A crackdown on border controls in the area in June turned the town into a focal point for migrants protesting that they should be allowed to enter France on their way to their desired destinations in northern Europe.
    "This situation could not go on. We understand why they are protesting but the camp was illegal," Ventimiglia mayor Enrico Ioculano told Italian media.
    View gallery

    Migrants hide their faces as they wait on the rocks on the shoreline at the French-Italian border in …

    Tents and personal belongings from the camp -- which sprawls under an overpass some 100 metres from the French border -- were removed by garbage trucks.
    A similar eviction in June ended in clashes which left one police officer injured.
    Police said a dozen migrants had been arrested early Wednesday, including a Bosnian wanted under an international arrest warrant.
    A group of French activists hoping to cheer on the migrants in their protest were moved on by Italian police.
    "It is abominable, these migrants are fleeing wars and come here seeking a better life. And this is Italy's answer," said Teresa Maffeis, founder of the Democracy Association in Nice.
    The head of Italy's anti-immigrant Northern League party was quick to applaud the camp evacuation on Twitter, saying: "better late than never. Now we await (migrant) expulsions".

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