Globalist Puppet Joe Biden’s View of COVID-19 as an “Opportunity” to “Restore World Order’

By Leisa Audette | Nov 27, 2020

The Americans who know what’s at stake in the 2020 election are fighting tooth and nail to expose the voter fraud. They know the plan and it’s not good for America. The globalists are on both sides of the aisle trying to push their agenda via the
“Great Reset” Who better to blindly follow than globalist puppet Joe Biden?

Joe Biden continues delivering for the Soros agenda with phrases taken right out of the Soros playbook of globalism..

Listen below to Biden’s globalist mantra after a primary win:

“My fellow Americans, we have to once again lead the world. Donald Trump’s “America First” policies made America alone. You know, in the fight against climate change, we have to rally the rest of the world to act and act now. Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord on Day One. Make it clear to our allies that we’ll honor our commitments, that our word can be trusted.”

“And make clear to our adversaries that we will stand fast in restoring world order. That’s the American responsibility.” – Joe Biden

At the 7:10 point, Biden rejects Trump’s ‘America First’ platform:

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Even worse, his recent address to Columbia Law School uses the coronavirus crisis to push a change in the “social contract.” Read between the lines and phrases Biden and other Democrats have used to push their far-left agenda (see more below).

Watch the short video below where Biden delivers a graduation address where he claims again (see below that the horrible coronavirus crisis can be used to push a political agenda:

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that the coronavirus is an opportunity “to rewrite the social contract” to push a liberal agenda when Biden delivered the graduation address at Columbia Law School.

Joe Biden is dangerous because he’s the malleable patsy that will lead us down the road to ruin. He’s taking advice from socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, so it’s likely that socialism is on the menu for him via the Green New Deal (see below). He desperately wanted to be president, so he’s willing to throw the American taxpayers under the bus to foot the bill for a “change” in the way America’s economy functions.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that “we have a chance to institutionally change the way this economy functions.”

Geoge Soros and Jerry Brown said the same things as Biden about the “world order”:
A 2018 video has surfaced of the Governor of California Jerry Brown spilling the beans on how the left really feels about President Trump. Brown isn’t the only one who has openly called for getting rid of President Trump because he’s messing up the plan for the world order. George Soros said that Trump is a “danger to the world” and that the “fate of the world is at stake” in 2020. Soros and Brown are not alone in their dislike for the president and their feeling that he must be taken out for the good of the New World Order:
City Journal reported on the dystopian vision of Soros after the 2016 election: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order,” Soros has declared, “is the United States.” Ergo, that constitutional republic must be weakened and its allies degraded. The Sorosian world order—one of open borders and global governance, antithetical to the ideals and experience of the West—could then assume command.
A cabal of Democrats and Soros met up after the 2016 election to discuss combating President Trump:
As the postpresidential fever abates, Soros’s work carries on. In a New York City luxury hotel, Soros recently huddled with other devastated operatives in the so-called Democratic Alliance, including former House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, and Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Keith Ellison. According to Politico, they discussed strategies to combat President-elect Trump’s “terrifying assault on President Obama’s achievements.”
According to Brown, President Trump is messing up the plan for the “world order” so “something’s got to happen” to him.
In the interview with MSNBC’s Andrew Mitchell, Brown rants about President Trump:
“We never had a president who was engaged in this kind of behavior. I mean he’s not telling the truth; he keeps changing his mind; he’s sabotaging the world order in many respects.”
Brown added:
“It’s unprecedented, it’s dangerous, and hopefully this election is going to send a strong message to the country; the Democrats will win…something’s got to happen to this guy, because if we don’t get rid of him, he’s going to undermine America and even the world.”