Great Replacement Theory is already a reality in Michigan as state pays residents $500/month to house illegals

03/28/2024 // Cassie B. // 900 Views

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The Great Replacement Theory is often panned as a “racist ideology” held by people who fear they will “lose power,” but the notion that White people are being replaced in certain areas via immigration is quickly becoming a reality in some places.In Michigan, the state's “Newcomer Renter Subsidy” program is a prime example of this. Under the program, “eligible” households can receive up to $500 every month in taxpayer money to house “newcomers,” which is a euphemism for illegal aliens.
This isn’t an exaggeration. lists who is eligible for this program on its website, and it specifies that the program applies to refugees, asylum seekers, Cuban and Haitian entrants, human trafficking victims, Afghan nationals, Special Immigration Visa holders and Ukrainian humanitarian parolees.
The website also notes that it is eligible for people who have pending asylum applications, those who arrived under the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan parole program and people who arrive under the Family Reunification Parole for Colombia, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. In addition, the state notes that “other immigrant individuals” will be considered for the program on a case-by-case basis.
Its applications are available in languages such as Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Haitian Creole and Pashto.
The Newcomer Rental Subsidy Program is offered by the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, which states on its website: "Many refugees and other newcomers face critical housing challenges, and this program will increase access to better and more affordable housing opportunities while supporting a more rapid social integration to refugees and other newcomer populations to Michigan."
In 2022 alone, Michigan became the final destination for more than 700 migrants from places like Ukraine, Syria, Sudan, Burma and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The executive director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Amy Hovey, said that the aim of the program is to help migrants “build a new life here.”
Program funded by $4 million in taxpayer money

This program is being covered by $4 million from the state-funded Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund. It essentially sees American tax dollars being given to benefit non-Americans, and it could ultimately have the effect of middle-class Americans paying for their own demise.
Detroit, Michigan, already takes the number-two spot in the nation when it comes to violent crime rates, and admitting more of these “refugees” into the area will probably not do much to improve the situation.
Breitbart News asked on X, formerly Twitter: “Is $6,000 a year worth the end of your nation?”
Michigan lawmaker loses committees and staff after Great Replacement social media posts

Not surprisingly, sharing concerns about what is happening can have serious repercussions. Last month, a Michigan state lawmaker was stripped of his office staff and committee assignments after he shared posts on social media about the Great Replacement.
State Rep. Josh Schriver (R-Oxford) shared a graphic post on X that was originally posted by conservative activist Jack Posobiec showing Black figures covering the bulk of a world map, with White figures taking up small sections of the northern United States, Europe as well as Canada and Australia with the caption "The Great Replacement."
Schriver refused to back down after being punished, saying in a statement: “I’m opposed to racists, race baiters and victim politics. What I find strange is the agenda to demoralize and reduce the white portion of our population. That’s not inclusive and Christ is inclusive! I’m glad Tucker Carlson and Jack Posobiec are sharing links so I can continue my research on these issues.”
It’s clear what is happening here and why the Biden administration is fighting so hard to let these people into the country and stopping Texas from protecting our borders. Claiming people are refugees or pending asylum and helping them start a new life here paves the way for them to grow the left-wing voter base.
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Great Replacement Theory is already a reality in Michigan as state pays residents $500/month to house illegals –